About Me

Welcome! My name is Lisa, and I live in Atlanta with my beloved husband (Bo) and our two beagle babies (Molly and Abby). We love Gator football, traveling, eating/drinking, being outdoors, reading, and trying new things - so this blog is a little bit of anything and everything going on in our life. We both grew up in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. We met in high school and started dating soon after. Gators since birth, we both went to college at UF and stayed for our Master's in Accounting. After graduation, we got engaged, and moved to Atlanta. We are always on the go and this blog has been such a fun way to share our life adventures. But since we are always on the go, I blog very sporadically when I'm in the mood and have the time for it, so I am perpetually behind as I can never seem to keep up with myself. Thanks for stopping by!