Thursday, June 27, 2013

Katrina & Adam's Wedding

Wedding season was in full swing this spring - next up was Katrina & Adam's wedding in Pensacola, FL. We've been to Pensacola several times and always enjoy it, so we were really looking forward to returning to a few of our regular spots with some of our closest college friends! I actually met Adam for the first time about two years ago, the last time we were in town for Blue Angels. It was pretty clear back then that we'd eventually be coming back for a wedding :)

As usual we drove down after work on Friday and got in pretty late that night, so we had to head straight to the bars and play catch up...

liquid danger

We spent pretty much all day Saturday in recovery, just in time for the wedding that afternoon. The ceremony was at St. Christopher's Episcopal Church and the reception was at Paul's on the Bay. It was actually the first Episcopalian wedding we've attended since our own, so it brought back some great memories. Both sites were a bit of a drive, so we all met up at the hotel where transportation was provided, which was awesome!!


Adam and the Fantaski women!

Katrina's nephew, Braden! (Tricia & Jordan's son)

Chi Omega! Hootie hoo

just a few results from our photobooth series

And they lived happily ever after :)  Congratulations, Katrina & Adam!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Basketball Games

This was a pretty active basketball season for us in Atlanta. Usually we only make it to one Hawks game each year, like the game we attended back in early January.  But thanks to a few Groupon deals, we also went to two of the playoff games against the Indiana Pacers.

Game 3 with Casa Bueno!

The game was awesome - we killed the Pacers 90-69 and I had a lot of fun playing with my new zoom lens. We were way up in the third tier, and I managed to get some pretty good shots. Still have a long way to go, though.

SkySquad Halftime Show!

Al had a terrific game

We were not as lucky in game 6 when the Hawks lost the series. It was probably the worst basketball game we've ever been to - both teams were just awful. We were somewhat excited to be in the "wiggly worm" section (stupidest name ever), but to be honest it was extremely annoying. People were constantly blocking our view, hitting us with their balloons, or popping them. Call me old and cranky, but we actually preferred our seats from the previous game in the upper deck!

at least the SkySquad played well...

And last but certainly not least, I went to see the Harlem Globetrotters with Stacey! I had never seen them play before and they were hilarious. Bo had already seen them when he was younger so it was good timing since he was out of town that weekend anyway. And similar to the Hawks' games, there was a SweetJack deal for tickets and we totally lucked out with really awesome seats in the second row. I was pretty pissed at myself though - I lugged around my nice camera, only to have left the battery on the charger at home. So iPhone pics had to do.

pretty great view!

such a ridiculous game :)

And now that basketball season is nearly over, baseball season is in full swing! Maybe I'll get to posting about it before football season is here ;)