Thursday, June 27, 2013

Katrina & Adam's Wedding

Wedding season was in full swing this spring - next up was Katrina & Adam's wedding in Pensacola, FL. We've been to Pensacola several times and always enjoy it, so we were really looking forward to returning to a few of our regular spots with some of our closest college friends! I actually met Adam for the first time about two years ago, the last time we were in town for Blue Angels. It was pretty clear back then that we'd eventually be coming back for a wedding :)

As usual we drove down after work on Friday and got in pretty late that night, so we had to head straight to the bars and play catch up...

liquid danger

We spent pretty much all day Saturday in recovery, just in time for the wedding that afternoon. The ceremony was at St. Christopher's Episcopal Church and the reception was at Paul's on the Bay. It was actually the first Episcopalian wedding we've attended since our own, so it brought back some great memories. Both sites were a bit of a drive, so we all met up at the hotel where transportation was provided, which was awesome!!


Adam and the Fantaski women!

Katrina's nephew, Braden! (Tricia & Jordan's son)

Chi Omega! Hootie hoo

just a few results from our photobooth series

And they lived happily ever after :)  Congratulations, Katrina & Adam!!


  1. Love that photo booth!! Fun :)

  2. The photo booth pics are awesome... y'all crack me up! Pretty wedding - love the mason jars!


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