Sunday, July 7, 2013


Last month we celebrated our second MPD ("Molly Present Day") - can't believe we've had Molly for just over two years now. We were out of town on the actual day, but since she has no idea (nor will she ever) we spoiled her a little extra the following weekend. No fancy treats like last year - she is still trying to maintain her weight in the ideal range ;)  So we just took her on a walk and spent the day with her out on the front lawn, which is the exact same thing we did on the day we got her two years ago. We had to get in some good quality time with Molly, especially since it was her last weekend as an only puppy...more details to come on that :)

baby Molly!

Recently she has become extremely territorial, which can sometimes be annoying because she barks and howls at everyone who walks past our house. Otherwise she is a very quiet beagle. So she actually makes for a pretty good guard dog, and I certainly appreciate that since Bo is out of town so much for work.

She is still super cuddly and has really mellowed out a lot in the past few months since entering "adulthood".  Though I'm fairly certain we will always call her our little puppy.

Seriously so in love with this dog.

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  1. Dogs are the best!!! We got Champ when he was a puppy because Comer was on night shift. It was the ONLY way I made it through the nights - knowing that ole Champ was by my side!! Thankfully, the 3rd shift days are gone for us and Comer is on first now! :)

  2. Such a sweetie!! Happy Present Day Molly :)


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