Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Bo has been a Conan fan for as long as I can remember, and he watches every single episode on the DVR. We were hoping to see a live taping of Conan last year when we were in LA, but the timing didn't work out. My friend Stacey is just as big of a fan, so when she told me Conan was coming to Atlanta, Bo and I immediately entered the lottery to get tickets.

Conan was in town right before the Final 4, which was also here in Atlanta

Luckily, Bo and I both won the lottery and got two tickets each! Stacey didn't win, so of course we took her with us, and we gave our last ticket to Bo's sister, Dudley. Even better, the tickets were free! All we had to do was show up pretty early the morning of the show to get our wristbands and tickets, and then come back later that afternoon for the taping.

The taping was held at the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta. This was our first time there, and it was an awesome venue. We'd love to go back for a concert sometime.

We had no idea until we were seated that our tickets were in the front row!! We totally lucked out purely based on how they handed out tickets. The people who were in front of us in line that morning were sitting next to us and behind us; if we had been any later we would have been up in the balcony.

We weren't allowed to take any pictures during the actual taping, but we did get to shake Conan's hand during one of the commercial breaks. Yes, he is just as tall and skinny in real life as he appears on TV. We were most impressed that he did almost everything by memory, and only looked at his notes a few times during commercials.

The main interview was with Seth Rogen and he was pretty hilarious - more so than Earthquake, the comedian that night. Our absolute favorite skit was when Conan put on jerseys for the various sports teams in Atlanta, which everyone cheered for...until he put on a UGA jersey, and everyone boo'ed. It was awesome!! Totally made our night. (Here's a link to the video if you want to enjoy for yourself:

our view of the stage - so awesome!

you can barely tell, but the band was seated in the upper level, just to our left

We watched the show again that night and almost everything made it with only a few cuts. No re-takes or anything. We even saw ourselves on TV (thankfully not a close up or anything).  We had such a great time and it set the bar pretty high since this was our first TV show taping. Team Coco!!

Friday, May 24, 2013


We had a pretty low-key Easter this year. Usually we host dinner for about 20 people, but with the crazy hectic spring schedule we had, we decided to keep it small with just the original bro-Easter crew (plus me this time! and Dudley, Jen, and Lizzy - who all came late and missed the photo session).

Since it was such a small crew (I'm starting to sound like my grandma, who thinks any less than 20 guests is small!) :) and it was mostly guys, they refused to requested we not do an egg hunt (womp, womp), but wouldn't you know they actually wanted to dye and decorate Easter eggs. So they came over the day before for an egg party - though they were not very cooperative with pictures...

We had quite a feast as usual - somehow we ended up with just as much food for nine people as we do for twenty. All I got was a picture of our traditional turducken, but missed the paella and other non-traditional dishes even though I spent most of the day in the kitchen slaving over the stove...delicious as usual.

This was also the first group holiday meal where we all fit at one table. Everyone got to use the fancy china, and I brought out my grandma's linens for the occasion.

The guys' Easter eggs turned out very....interesting. Definitely not as pretty as the girls' eggs usually are ;)

And of course, the Easter bunny came! With all my favorite candies :)

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Katrina's Bachelorette Party

The last weekend of March, I went down to St. Augustine to celebrate Katrina's bachelorette party! A majority of us were Chi O's at UF together, so it was an awesome mini reunion with our bride-to-be. As soon as we were all in town on Friday we got the party started right away! That night was animal print themed, and by pure coincidence we all chose leopard and cheetah print dresses so Katrina stood out in her zebra. So fun!!

Friday night was also Tricia's birthday, and as you all know I love birthdays so we surprised her with a chocolate cake. Happy happy birthday, Tricky!! We love you for planning such an amazing weekend on your own birthday :)

That night we threw a lingerie shower for Katrina - also coincidentally, everyone got her something pink, her favorite color!

Best gift of the night was from Cameron, who couldn't be there that weekend, but she put together a beautiful book with pictures, memories, and notes from all of us. We skyped her in so she could see how much Katrina loved it!! Though it made Katrina cry so we had to put it away and read it later :)

We started out at No Name Bar and ended up at Scarlett OHara's. Live music, cheap drinks, and Katrina made some good money on her lollipop bouquet! We made quite a scene at the bars that night...

me and the birthday girl!

shots, shots, shots!

so many shots...

Saturday was a lazy morning and eventually a late lunch at Mango Mango's (delicious!) followed by an afternoon wine tasting and tour at San Sebastian Winery. The wines we tasted were mostly so-so...but they were free!

That evening was little black dress night, and our bride of course wore white. We had dinner at O.C. White's, specially chosen because Katrina's new last name is White!

We headed back to No Name Bar since we had such a great time the night before, and as hard as it was we somehow managed to top it.


done with her list!

Tricia and Kaylynn - thank you for all your planning and organizing, it was such an awesome weekend with everyone!  And congratulations, Katrina!! Or should I say, Mrs. once again I am posting the bachelorette party after the bride-to-be is already married :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Molly's 2nd Birthday

Back on St. Patrick's Day, our puppy Molly turned two years old! (I guess technically she's not a puppy anymore...but I have a feeling we will always call her that!) Bo was out of town for a bachelor party, so Molly and I had the whole weekend to hang out together. I took her over to the Piedmont Park dog park, but she really isn't a big fan of it. She gets really shy when there are more than 2-3 dogs around, so she mostly just stands there and stares at me. Which entirely defeats the purpose, so we don't go very often.

I think the main reason she doesn't like that dog park is because it doesn't have grass. And she's a pretty big grass snob - so we hung out in the regular park for a while, which she likes a lot better. Such a high maintenance dog. She definitely gets that from Bo ;)

When we got home, she waited ever so patiently to get all her gifts...

hmm what else ya got??

Just like last year, I baked her a birthday cake! I used Kristin's recipe again, but this time used frozen green beans to decorate. I still think it looks gross (mainly because I hate cottage cheese), but the batter is actually pretty good.

I even let her lick the spoon and the spatula for the occasion.

Lesson learned from last year...I sliced up the cake and gave her a piece every night, instead of letting her attack the whole thing at once :)  She loved it! Licked the plate clean. And the floors.


And then she promptly passed out. Birthday #2 was a success!

Happy Birthday, Molly - we love you!!

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