Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Katrina's Bachelorette Party

The last weekend of March, I went down to St. Augustine to celebrate Katrina's bachelorette party! A majority of us were Chi O's at UF together, so it was an awesome mini reunion with our bride-to-be. As soon as we were all in town on Friday we got the party started right away! That night was animal print themed, and by pure coincidence we all chose leopard and cheetah print dresses so Katrina stood out in her zebra. So fun!!

Friday night was also Tricia's birthday, and as you all know I love birthdays so we surprised her with a chocolate cake. Happy happy birthday, Tricky!! We love you for planning such an amazing weekend on your own birthday :)

That night we threw a lingerie shower for Katrina - also coincidentally, everyone got her something pink, her favorite color!

Best gift of the night was from Cameron, who couldn't be there that weekend, but she put together a beautiful book with pictures, memories, and notes from all of us. We skyped her in so she could see how much Katrina loved it!! Though it made Katrina cry so we had to put it away and read it later :)

We started out at No Name Bar and ended up at Scarlett OHara's. Live music, cheap drinks, and Katrina made some good money on her lollipop bouquet! We made quite a scene at the bars that night...

me and the birthday girl!

shots, shots, shots!

so many shots...

Saturday was a lazy morning and eventually a late lunch at Mango Mango's (delicious!) followed by an afternoon wine tasting and tour at San Sebastian Winery. The wines we tasted were mostly so-so...but they were free!

That evening was little black dress night, and our bride of course wore white. We had dinner at O.C. White's, specially chosen because Katrina's new last name is White!

We headed back to No Name Bar since we had such a great time the night before, and as hard as it was we somehow managed to top it.


done with her list!

Tricia and Kaylynn - thank you for all your planning and organizing, it was such an awesome weekend with everyone!  And congratulations, Katrina!! Or should I say, Mrs. once again I am posting the bachelorette party after the bride-to-be is already married :)


  1. Looks like such a fun time!! xx

  2. Did that place really make you wine taste out of little plastic shot glasses?? So lame! Anyways, looks like such a blast! And now Kaylynn's next, poor Daddy Fantaski and his wallet :)

    1. No kidding - big year for the Fantaskis!!


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