Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Leslie's Bachelorette Party

The weekend after we got back from our trip was my sister's bachelorette party in Savannah! Yes, she is already married and back from her honeymoon...but I'll get to that eventually :)

There were fourteen girls who came in town for Leslie's celebration and it was an absolute blast. We rented a gorgeous home in the historic district which was great for a group this large.

my gift to Leslie: her "I will out-drink all you bitches" cup :)  and she did...

We decided with this many girls it made sense to get a keg. Good thing Bo came down to help us carry it up the stairs and tap it ;)  (After the keg was setup, he traveled on to Jekyll Island for the weekend to celebrate his dad's 70th birthday)

cooler of champions: jello shots and champagne!

We made dinner at the house that evening, and spent all night catching up with long lost friends while waiting for everyone to arrive :)

Saturday morning we slept in and were finally ready to go around lunchtime. We walked towards the river for lunch and enjoyed the scenery along the way - Savannah is such a pretty town.

Newmanites! Cheers to high school friends :)

We spent all afternoon on this beauty! Savannah Slow Ride is a group biking pub crawl. It was SO fun and such a great way to see the city while day-boozing. We took up the whole bike - most everyone pedals and there is a driver who steers and brakes. We were supposed to go to three or four bars, but we had a few too many drinks in the bars so we only made it to two...ha


Conveniently, the bike behind us was a bachelor party! Even more conveniently, they paid for most of our drinks in the bars :)

The guys from the bachelor party challenged us to a game of survivor flip cup. Obviously they didn't know who they were up against - of course, we won.


They also mistakenly insisted that we play their "troll toll" rule - meaning that whoever got kicked off the losing team each round had to spend the next round underneath the table. Most of the time, the guys were under there :)

winning team!

party favors!

Saturday night was the big event for our bride-to-be. We showered Leslie with lingerie and other fun bridal-y presents, and then hit the bars!

Leslie specially requested a sparkles and glitter theme - so fun! I loved everyone's sequin dresses :)

sister picture :)

best friends getting married within weeks of each other!


bachelorette kegstand before the bars!

We spent most of the evening at Savannah Smiles, a dueling piano bar that is a pretty popular bachelorette party destination. It was a really fun bar, and most of us ended up on stage at one point or another throughout the night :)


the (future) Metz sisters-in-law!

It was such an amazing weekend - love you all for celebrating Leslie!


  1. ummm I am OBSESSED with this entire weekend!!!!

    1. LOVE the sparkle theme. You guys looked amazing!
    2. PUB CRAWL BIKE!!!!! I mean, ideas don't get any better than that.
    3. I don't know your sister but I feel like I should because you guys always do super fun stuff.

    What a fun, fun, fun bachelorette weekend!!

    1. You are cracking me up! You totally need to meet my sister. She is super fun and you guys would get along perfectly!!

  2. looks like SO much fun!!!...I could NEVER hang with you! HA! Yall would be dragging me in at the end of the night! HAH!

    1. I'm' sure with enough caffeine we could keep you out ;) trust me otherwise I would have passed out waayy early on in the night! haha

  3. I wish I was there! That looked awesome :) and I Love your dress! It looks like something I would pick for a fun night. I just saw a pub crawl bike for the first time down by the beaches near our house? And I was like what the heck is that thing! Ha! Great for a bachelorette party for sure.

    1. Thanks so much! I have never seen one anywhere else, but have heard of them in other cities. I think it's definitely gaining popularity and I totally know why! Such a fun idea.


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