Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Bo has been a Conan fan for as long as I can remember, and he watches every single episode on the DVR. We were hoping to see a live taping of Conan last year when we were in LA, but the timing didn't work out. My friend Stacey is just as big of a fan, so when she told me Conan was coming to Atlanta, Bo and I immediately entered the lottery to get tickets.

Conan was in town right before the Final 4, which was also here in Atlanta

Luckily, Bo and I both won the lottery and got two tickets each! Stacey didn't win, so of course we took her with us, and we gave our last ticket to Bo's sister, Dudley. Even better, the tickets were free! All we had to do was show up pretty early the morning of the show to get our wristbands and tickets, and then come back later that afternoon for the taping.

The taping was held at the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta. This was our first time there, and it was an awesome venue. We'd love to go back for a concert sometime.

We had no idea until we were seated that our tickets were in the front row!! We totally lucked out purely based on how they handed out tickets. The people who were in front of us in line that morning were sitting next to us and behind us; if we had been any later we would have been up in the balcony.

We weren't allowed to take any pictures during the actual taping, but we did get to shake Conan's hand during one of the commercial breaks. Yes, he is just as tall and skinny in real life as he appears on TV. We were most impressed that he did almost everything by memory, and only looked at his notes a few times during commercials.

The main interview was with Seth Rogen and he was pretty hilarious - more so than Earthquake, the comedian that night. Our absolute favorite skit was when Conan put on jerseys for the various sports teams in Atlanta, which everyone cheered for...until he put on a UGA jersey, and everyone boo'ed. It was awesome!! Totally made our night. (Here's a link to the video if you want to enjoy for yourself:

our view of the stage - so awesome!

you can barely tell, but the band was seated in the upper level, just to our left

We watched the show again that night and almost everything made it with only a few cuts. No re-takes or anything. We even saw ourselves on TV (thankfully not a close up or anything).  We had such a great time and it set the bar pretty high since this was our first TV show taping. Team Coco!!


  1. We loovvvee Conan! My husband and I try to stay up to watch at night when we can. We also love the old favorite Triumph the Insult Comic Dog! (He has a hilarious DVD)
    I haven't thought of going to see his show in person, but since I live out here, I should!

    1. If you ever get the chance to go, I highly highly recommend it!! He was even better live! :)


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