Sunday, June 2, 2013

13 years

On April 6th, Bo and I celebrated 13 years together. We started dating back in high school, and I wrote that story out last year in this post. Keeping with our tradition, we went to a restaurant we had never been - Fogo de Chao. It was Bo's first time ever going to a brazilian steakhouse, and we definitely got our money's worth of unlimited meats.

Thirteen years is a long time but has gone by so fast. Each year we've been amazed that we continue to grow and learn about each other, find new things to argue and bicker about, and love each other more than the year before.

a little bubbly back at home...cheers to the next 13 years!

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  1. Congratulations! My husband and I have been a couple over 16 years (more than half our life!!) and it does feel like it has gone by so fast...I think we r both lucky we met our match when we were young :)


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