Saturday, June 9, 2012

Alana & Matt's Wedding Weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Camarillo, CA for Matt & Alana's wedding. Their engagement was almost as long as ours was (about a year and a half), so we had all been looking forward to this wedding for quite a long time!

We flew into Los Angeles on Friday night around the same time as Tricia & Jordan, and went straight to Dodger stadium to watch them play the Astros. We cheered for the Dodgers even though we really didn't care - not surprisingly, they lost 3-1 and our sporting event losing streak continues.

On Saturday, all the girls went to a bridal luncheon for Alana. She was a blushing bride already :)

sisters - Riss (MOH) & Alana

Chi Omegas

We spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool, and later that night we all met up for drinks after the rehearsal dinner.

Sunday was the main event! The wedding ceremony and reception were held at Camarillo Ranch. It was absolutely gorgeous and as always, the California weather was perfect. Sunny and pretty, but not hot.

pretty mamas! Kelly (and Kyla, due next month), Alisha (TBD, due December), and Trisha (baby boy due August)

love these girls

After the ceremony we enjoyed cocktails, appetizers, and lawn games - so fun!

Baby Cameron, so cute in his onesie tux

the trees were enormous!

beer mugs - great favors! and used immediately :)

Turrander! Cam's induction into our band.

Monday morning we headed back towards the airport and stopped at Manhattan Beach to hang out before catching our flight home. Alisha & Tristan used to live there - thanks for the recommendation! We didn't have enough time for lunch so we just walked along the beach and the pier, it was such a cute beach town. Great way to end the weekend! It was hard coming back to reality.


Congratulations Alana & Matt! It was such an amazing weekend - couldn't ask for anything better than that! Hope you two had a wonderful honeymoon! xoxo


  1. Awesome post and pictures!!!! I'm so glad you could be there. What a perfect weekend :)


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