Thursday, June 14, 2012


The first weekend in June was the Virginia Highlands Summerfest. Saturday morning I ran in the 5k through our neighborhood streets. It was surprisingly chilly that morning - 55 degrees! There were probably several hundred runners, and it was actually a lot of fun running past our neighbors' homes as they all cheered us on and handed out water. Most of the course was part of my regular route, so the familiarity was a great perk. Plus, I got a nice warm-up walking over to the starting line (and a few extra minutes of sleep!). It was a great race that I would definitely do again.

Afterward, Bo made mimosas and we hung out on the front porch for a couple hours until the festival started. Since Bo's been traveling so much lately, and we're hardly here on the weekends, our champagne stock was piling up. We figured a beautiful Saturday at home was reason enough to pop some bubbly. As if we really needed to create an excuse ;)

love my little family

After the champagne disappeared, we walked over to the festival. Summerfest is a two-day event held a few streets away from us, and kicks off the start of summer. Almost all of our neighbors are involved in one way or another, so it really is a community event and we love it. Admission is free, and Virginia Avenue is lined with artist markets, food and beer tents, local businesses, children's events, and live music. For those of you in the West Palm Beach area, you can think of it as a very, very, extremely small-scale Sunfest. Usually it's scorching outside by early June but thankfully the cool weather held up all day long - it was so nice to walk around without sweating! And without my ice cream melting...

I just had to reward myself for the run that morning

As you can see, everyone else thought the same thing. It was packed. I've never seen it so crowded. I'm sure all the vendors were pleased with the turnout, since they had a lot of really cool things for sale (of photos allowed). We didn't end up buying anything, but we did pick up a handful of business cards. We walked around for a few hours checking everything out before heading home. We always enjoy Summerfest, but this year was probably our favorite due to the amazing weather. Wish it had stayed cool a little longer! Summer is in full force now...

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