Monday, June 18, 2012

Meg & Barrett's Wedding

Our fourth wedding this year was here in Atlanta to celebrate Meg & Barrett! They had a beautiful ceremony at the Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, right in the heart of Buckhead. I've probably driven by it a hundred times and never been inside it. The church was gorgeous! In many ways, the church and ceremony itself reminded us a lot of our own wedding, which definitely brought back some great memories :)  There was no photography allowed during the ceremony but it was too pretty to not sneak in one shot of it.

I first met Meg a few years ago and have loved becoming better friends with her. Three of my close friends from college - Sarah, Sonya & Ginny - moved here before I did, and I met Meg (and several other fun ladies!) through their monthly "PR Girls Night" events. They were all in PR/Marketing/Advertising or some other similar field, and back then I think I was one of the few, if not the only, non-PR girls. Even after all three of my original friends in the group moved away, I'm glad I kept hanging out with this crew. They are so much fun and I always have such a blast with them, so I was really looking forward to celebrating with Meg on her big day!

Kelly, Chelsea & me

The reception was at the Cherokee Town Club, which was just gorgeous. And Meg somehow kept it a surprise from most of us that Yacht Rock was playing for the evening! They are a really fun 70s tribute band and were great for a wedding.

I thought this was so cute :)

our table - very fitting!

PR girls table with the stunning bride!

and this time with the groom :)

Of course, no wedding would be complete without Bo spilling wine on himself. Or me forgetting the Tide pen and having to clean him up. Really not much different from our everyday lives, actually.

Fun fact: The dress I'm wearing may look familiar to some of you...since it was also my senior prom dress from 10 (!) years ago. And these outfits are the same exact "uniform" (as we call it) that we've worn to every other black tie wedding we've attended. Mom, I'm sure you didn't believe me when I promised I would wear this dress again. But for probably the only time in high school, I was right.

Senior Prom, 2002

Meg and Barrett, congratulations again! Your wedding was a beautiful start to your new lives together. Hope you had a wonderful honeymoon :)

P.S. Thank you Chelsea for some of the photos!

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  1. Wow! I wish I could still fit in to my prom dress!! Or that I picked a good enough dress that didn't make me look back and think- "What was I thinking when I wore that?!?!" Good work Lisa... and a beautiful wedding!!


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