Sunday, March 10, 2013


So I know you are all dying to hear about our trip, but as usual you'll have to wait :)

First up, our stay-cation! A few months ago, I got a free night reward from Marriott, which expired before we were able to use it for any of the upcoming trips we had planned. So we decided to book ourselves a weekend in our own city. We stayed at the Glenn Hotel downtown, and got upgraded to a suite overlooking the park with an awesome view of the city. To top it off, we were welcomed with free wine and cheese. They know the way to my heart.

We had planned to spend the afternoon ice skating at Centennial Olympic Park, which has been on our Atlanta bucket list for forever. Well, about a thousand small children all had the same idea to have their birthday parties there that afternoon. Not exactly how we wanted to spend the day. Instead, we grabbed some hot chocolate and walked around the park and the nearby downtown area for a while. So until next year, ice skating will remain on our bucket list.

from the outside you'd never guess this was an ice skating rink...

Olympic Fountain

191 Peachtree - Bo's old office building

We had sushi for dinner at Rise, and it was just okay. Compared to some of our favorite places, it was more expensive and not as good, so we won't be going back. But it did satisfy our sushi craving for the night.

After dinner we walked over to the CNN Center and then to the Philips Arena for the Hawks vs Celtics basketball game. We really enjoy being Hawks fans since one of their star players, Al Horford, is also a Gator grad, and played on our back-to-back National Championship team when Bo and I were students at UF. So fun to watch him play! We aren't die-hard fans by any stretch of the mind, which is a good thing since the Hawks blew a huge lead and ended up losing 89-81. Not a good week in sports for us since we had just seen our Gators lose in the Sugar Bowl a few days before that.

Skyhawk & the Sky Squad halftime show!

The next morning we had breakfast at West Egg Cafe, which we had never been to (practically a crime in this city). Since we were there so early, it was only a 10 minute wait compared to the usual 1-2 hour line. The food was amazing and very reasonably priced for what you get. We both loved it and will definitely be going back!

It was such a fun and spontaneous weekend. Definitely a good reminder that as much as we love to travel, we need to start spending more time here in Atlanta! :)  ...well, maybe in a few months, anyway!


  1. This is great! We are planning a trip to Atlanta , so we will definitely be using some of your tips :)

  2. ok definitely a crime not to have gone to west egg by now, girl! the key is totally to get there early.

    looks like such a fun weekend! :)

    1. Haha seriously! So glad we finally went and hope to go many more times :)


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