Monday, March 25, 2013

The Viking Cooking School

A few months ago, I attended several all-day training courses to get my required CPE credits in before the end of the year. They were all pretty much the same material and I was bored to tears - until one course that offered give-aways throughout the day. I *love* free stuff, so of course I entered. And I WON! I got the grand prize at the end of the day - a free cooking class at the Viking Cooking School! Totally worth staying the entire day. Not that I would ever skip out of class early...


Our schedules were too hectic to use it right away, so we eventually found a French cooking class just two days before we left for Paris. Kinda crazy timing but it worked out and we are so glad we chose this class. Coincidentally, we had also just gotten a French/Dutch oven and Julia Child's cookbook for Christmas so we are excited to know a little bit more about what the heck we are doing with both of those :)

wish I had this kind of kitchen at home!

Our menu for the evening was inspired by the movie Julie & Julia - everything was delicious!

This was my first ever cooking class and it. was. awesome.  I obviously had nothing to compare it to, but Bo took several cooking classes when he was younger - so grateful for that by the way, every boy mom should take note! We both really enjoyed it and learned a few good everyday tricks around the kitchen as well as specific cooking techniques that we have actually used back at home - here I am poaching an egg for the first time, and Bo was a quick pro at separating egg whites.

We had a really good instructor and such a fun group. It was just over 3 hours long and there were 10 people in the class. Everyone got to do a little bit of everything and we made one big meal that fed all of us. We were surprised how good it turned out. And as a bonus: free-flowing wine all night! :)

Some of our finished products! Seriously. It was soo good. We got to take the recipe booklet home with us, so hopefully we can create it just as well on our own.

It was such a great date night. Plus it got us super pumped for our trip a few days later, and all the French food we were about to devour. Vacation posts (finally) coming soon!


  1. I'm going to a cooking class tonight at Cook's Warehouse! One of my reps at work is taking two of us from the office and our significant others. I'll let you know how it goes! Our class is all about seafood. MMMM

    1. How fun - hope you enjoyed it!! Can't wait to hear about your class :)

  2. Wow you won the grand prize and what a grand prize it was too!! Such a cool class to take and your finished products look so yummy

    1. Thanks! It was awesome, definitely hope we can go back soon (if only it was free every time!)


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