Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chipper's Last Game

Even though I have only lived in Atlanta for (almost) five years, I have been an Atlanta Braves fan for as long as I can remember. The Braves used to play their spring training games in West Palm Beach, not far from where I grew up. Some of my favorite childhood memories are going to baseball  games with my dad, eating hot dogs and peanuts (obviously), and chasing foul balls for hours. Chipper Jones joined the team when I was in fourth grade, and it was no secret I had a major celebrity crush on him. I adored him - I played third base on my softball team and wore his number. He was my hero.

almost 20 years later, I finally got his jersey! Still crushing pretty hard ;)

We missed his last regular season home game - "Chipper Jones Day" - while we were in Boone, so we made sure to get tickets to the wild card playoff game against the Cardinals. We had a feeling it might be our last chance to see Chipper play, and sure enough, it was.

Chipper's last inning at third base

our souvenirs - I love the Braves, but I still cannot bring myself to do the tomahawk chop

As much as I love the sport, I will admit baseball can be pretty boring to watch. But this was one of the craziest baseball games we've ever been to. In the bottom of the 8th inning, the ump made a very controversial infield fly call that really could have changed the outcome of the game. There were far too many errors (my beloved Chipper included) and missed opportunities to blame the loss solely on this call - but the fans were outraged. They threw all kinds of trash onto the field and boo'ed the umps for a solid 20 minutes after the botched call.  It was funny at first, but they were only punishing the grounds crew, not the umps, so it was pretty ridiculous.

sooo much trash

Of course, the next inning Chipper comes up to the plate for his final at bat, bottom of the ninth, with two outs. No pressure right?!?!  It had to have been a total pity call that he was not only safe at first base, but they also gave him a hit for what we thought should have been an error. Not exactly the way Chipper wanted to go out, I'm sure.

Chipper's last swing

The next batter got a double and Chipper moved to third! Tying run comes up to the plate...

such a stud

Unfortunately Uggla grounded out, ending the game and Chipper's career. Cardinals won 6-3. I am sure Grandpa was smiling down from heaven - he was such a huge Cards fan.

Chipper's last play

It was pretty surreal that Chipper's career had just ended. And as sad we were that the Braves' season was over, it was kinda cool that we got to attend his very last game. I'll always love you, Chipper!!


  1. I didn't know you were a big braves fan! I was too (before the Marlins came along). I used to go to the games in WPB and was part of the "Knothole gang" haha. Oh and I had a HUGE crush on Javi in I really, truly thought we were destined to get married one day :) I still smile thinking about him! haha

    1. So funny!!! I also thought I had a chance with Chipper :) Clearly, things didn't work between us. But I think you and I both ended up okay in the end!! Haha

  2. Oh childhood celebrity/ sports crushes.... they stick with us forever :)

    1. Seriously! My love will never die ;)


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