Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2012 Year in Review

Overall I'd say 2012 was one of our favorite years. It was a crazy crazy busy year - we did a LOT!!  Just putting this post together brought back so many fun memories that may have gotten lost in the blur of life had I not documented them.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

We both turned 28 this year - my birthday was in January, and Bo's birthday was in November. On April 6th, we celebrated our dating anniversary, which marked twelve years together.  On July 11th, we celebrated our third wedding anniversary. And on December 30th, we celebrated five years since our engagement. Love that all these dates are staggered throughout the year, so we are always celebrating something :)


My sister, Leslie, had a very exciting year - she got engaged, graduated UF law school, got a new job and moved back home, and we had her bridal shower! We are all very much looking forward to her wedding coming up in just over two months. Bo's sister, Dudley, moved to Atlanta in August and we've loved spending more time with her now that she lives just a few minutes away. And my brother, Paul, moved up to Charlotte with his girlfriend Sarah, and is currently in the application process for the policy academy. It was a pretty big year for our siblings!


On March 17th, Molly turned 1! A few months later we celebrated our first whole year with our sweet puppy, a day we have dubbed MPD. This summer, she had her first experience in the cone of shame. It was very sad. She had also gotten quite plump, so we had to put her on a diet and I started taking her to run a few 5k's with me. The vet officially declared Molly in the "ideal weight range" as of our last appointment a few weeks ago - whew! We love this sweet puppy more than we could have ever imagined, and I am currently on the hunt for a little sister for Molly... :)


Though technically not a real vacation (for me) I spent a week in London for work, and mom & Aunt Tina joined me. The three of us spent the following weekend in Dublin together. Bo and I went on a Mediterranean Cruise in July for our big trip of the year. We spent three days in Venice (here, here, and here) before the cruise started. Over the next 12 days, we visited four new countries. We spent a day in Kotor, a day at sea, one day in Athens, two days in Istanbul (here and here), a beach day in Mykonos, about an hour in Kusadasi, a day in Santorini, another day at sea, and a day in Split. When the cruise was over, we spent one last day in Venice to cap off the trip. One of our favorite vacations ever!

Gator Football 

This was our first year as season ticket holders, and it was a lot less stressful knowing we had tickets to whatever games we wanted to go to. The actual games, however, were a lot more stressful this year, but it's hard to complain about our 11-2 record when we had pretty low expectations for this team. So as the song all kinds of weather...Go Gators! We went to six games this year - we drove down to Gainesville for the season home opener against Bowling Green over Labor Day weekend, flew to College Station for Texas A&M's first SEC game, drove to St. Simons and then Jacksonville for FL/GA, back to Gainesville for our annual Chi O reunion, and then again for Homecoming with my family. Last but not least, though technically not in 2012, we went to the Sugar Bowl. We are already counting down until next season (on that note, Happy National Signing Day!).

Other Trips & Sporting Events

We went to Athens for the first time ever, to see the UF-UGA basketball game back in February. At the beginning of April, I drove to Monroe to celebrate my cousin Jimmy's 30th birthday with family. Right before our cruise in July, Bo and I reunited with some of my closest college friends in Daytona this July. We attended our first Appalachian State Mountaineer football game with Dudley in September. We saw the other love of my life, Chipper Jones, play in his very last game with the Braves when they lost the playoff wild card game. And we finally saw a Falcons game!

Beer & Wine Festivals 

Leslie, Mike, and Liz came to visit in February, and we almost froze them to death at the Winter Beer Carnival. We learned the hard way that we prefer warmer weather for festivals (should have been a no-brainer), so the next one we went to wasn't until Summerfest in June. Our favorites are still all of the fall festivals - Taste of Atlanta, Decatur Beer Fest, and the Highland Games.


Over the past few years it has felt like wedding season never ends! So much love for our newlywed friends and family :)

Dani's Bachelorette Party (March | Charleston)
Dani & Mark's Wedding (April | Jupiter, FL)
Lauren & Rob's Wedding (May | Atlanta)
Alana & Matt's Wedding (May | Camarillo, CA)
Sara's Bachelorette Party (May | Gatlinburg, TN)
Sara & Robbie's Wedding (June | Knoxville)
Meg & Barrett's Wedding (June | Atlanta)
Brian & Krystina's Wedding (July | Atlanta)
Greg & Lauren's Wedding (August | Atlanta)


This year we welcomed the addition of eleven new babies born to our friends, family members, and co-workers! I still have yet to meet most of them, but between facebook, blogs, instagram, texts, and emails, I sure know all about them :)  Love these little babies: Elwynn (Kiersten and Sam), Emma Grace (Jenn and Scott), Kyla (Kelly and Dustin), Evan (Kyle and Valery), Allie (Tara and Kelly), Tillman (Ginny and JM), Braden (Tricia and Jordan), Jake (Ashley and Jason), Kellen (Jeremy and Aimee), Lachlan (Michelle and Max), and Madden (Alisha and Tristan) - 4 girls and 7 boys!!


Such is the circle of life, that with all these weddings and babies, we also mourned those who have passed this year. My Great Uncle Richard (my dad's uncle / grandma's brother) passed away on April 15th (obituary here and a great article about him here). Ginny's dad passed away on August 11th (obituary here). And Bo's Great Uncle John (his mom's uncle / grandmother's brother) passed away on September 18th (obituary here). We were sad to lose these three great men this year, but we're so happy to have had them in our lives.

My last picture of all of us with Uncle Richard, Christmas 2011. He's right behind Jessie (the dog) and next to my Dad.


This year we spent several holidays here in Atlanta - Easter with friends, Father's Day with my parents, the 4th of July with Adrienne, and Halloween! We drove up to Blowing Rock, NC to be with Bo's family for a long Thanksgiving break. A few weeks later, we drove down to North Palm Beach, FL to be with my family for Christmas. And just one week after that, we drove to New Orleans to ring in the new year. We logged a lot of miles on the road in December!


After a few months of foot pain the previous year, I had bunion surgery (follow up post here) the first week of January. My recovery went well and after a few months I was back to 100%. I finally got back into running several 5k's throughout the year and my second half marathon in November. I also had a gum tissue graft in April, and shortly after my recovery got a busted lip playing volleyball. Hopefully I will have nothing to report on this category next year!

So yeah, 2012 was pretty amazing! It's going to be a tough year to top, but here's hoping 2013 is even better!!


  1. OMG I love this! I should do something like this next year... such a great review of 2012 Lisa. You guys were very, VERY busy :)

    1. You definitely should!! It was a lot of fun to recap :)

  2. LOVE the recap! What do you use to make the collage pics?

    1. Thanks!! I use "create your own" templates. It's free and super easy!

  3. I'm tired just reading all of that! Goodness you were busy!

    1. No kidding - apparently busy is our "normal" ;)

  4. Great recap! I've had gum tissue grafting too! I got it done on three teeth actually. My doctor was so shocked at well I healed and my dentist didn't even know I had it done because I barely scarred, but boy did I get swollen from it! I can't get over how many weddings you had though. That's insanity. We have three this year, and I feel like that's SOOO many lol.

    1. Aw man, glad you healed up so well! I did, too - just hope I don't have to go through it again anytime soon.

      Funny thing is we are excited that we *only* have four weddings this year. Ha!

  5. Looks like you had a very eventful year! Love the picture collages! xx

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm hoping for a new puppy sometime in June :) Trust me you'll be one of the first to know!!

  7. Finally catching up on your blog - love that I got a shout out on your 2012 Year in Review!! XOXO

    1. Heck yea! Welcome to the world, Madden :)


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