Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Dinner

Since we are always out of town for Bo's actual birthday, we have another birthday dinner celebration for him when we get back to Atlanta, at a restaurant of his choice. This year Bo picked The Iberian Pig, which is in Decatur and has been on our "restaurants-to-go-to" list for far too long.

The picture of Bo and I did not turn out very this is all I have from the night!

For celebrations like birthdays/anniversaries, we always choose a new restaurant that we haven't been to, which is actually really easy to do in a city like Atlanta. Iberian Pig is a Spanish-style restaurant that reminded us so much of the food markets we perused on our honeymoon cruise stop in Barcelona (which we loved and hope to go back again one day).  We shared a bottle of wine and a variety of cured meats, cheeses and tapas - everything was incredible. I will admit that we got extremely lucky there was an open table because we were apparently the only people there who didn't have a reservation...almost an epic birthday dinner fail on my part. Thankfully we squeezed in and really enjoyed the night. And once again - happy birthday, Bo!!

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  1. That restaurant looks SO cozy and perfect for a night of celebrating! I love trying out new places. Sounds like he had a great birthday!


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