Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dip 'n Dab

A couple months ago, a few of us girls got a groupon to Dip 'n Dab - a BYOB painting class where you sign up to do a specific painting that everyone in the class paints.  I had never done one of these classes before, and since it's been on my Atlanta bucket list for over a year now, I signed up right away. Ginny organized it for us and since Sarah is leaving us soon, we finally went last week.

None of us are painters but we had so much fun.

This is teacher's painting that we (kinda) followed along during the class....

And this is how ours actually turned out...

I will say that throughout the class, I kept going back and forth between liking mine and hating it (I am such a Type-A Perfectionist...), but eventually we all thought our paintings started looking better and better as the night went on. Or maybe that was all the wine we drank. Either way, we did pretty good if you ask me!

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