Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day at Sea

After we left Kotor, we spent the next day at sea. As anxious as I always am for our next stop, I love sea days. You have no other option than to sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself.

getting some sun
the back deck pool area

my slice of heaven

Each day at sea, the ship offers a bartending class, where you learn how to make three different drinks, drink them, and then keep the recipes you like to try at home. In our marriage, Bo is the bartender. I can't even remember the last time I made a drink for myself. No surprise to me, Bo volunteered to be the bartender for our class. He makes his drinks pretty strong - I know several of you have been victims to this. The rest of our class was not as prepared :)

these suckers have no idea what they're in for

pouring the liquor, as instructed

the instructor isn't looking...pour some more liquor!

...still not looking...

...nope, still not looking!

the other volunteer didn't use nearly as much liquor as Bo did, so the instructor had to even it out :)

shake shake shake


The drink he made was called a Strawberry Basil Bellisimo. Seriously, it was SO good. I think I had one every day for the remainder of the cruise. It was similar to a strawberry daiquiri, but a million times better. I have yet to recreate this at home, but I kept the recipe and fully intend to make it! If it turns out as good as I hope it does, I may even share the recipe with all of you. But at the rate I'm going - that might not be for another year or so!

After the class, we sat on our balcony as we cruised along the coast of Greece. (Cruise tip #1: If you get a balcony, make sure to pick your room on the side of the boat facing land so you can take full advantage of the view!)

Meanwhile we sipped on a bottle of pinot grigio from our wine package. (Cruise tip #2: If you plan to drink wine with dinner, order a wine package. They may seem a little pricey up front, but especially on a longer cruise you will save a lot of money compared to ordering individual bottles. Thank you, Great-Uncle Bernie and Great-Aunt Nancy for passing on this wisdom to us!)

After dinner, we eventually made our way back to the bar for another round of drinks. Cruise tip #3: If you plan on drinking at the bars, buy a pre-paid drink card and #4: make friends with the real bartenders.

We loved having such a relaxing day since we had a very full day ahead of us in Athens!


  1. Oh my gosh I love that he got behind the bar! This cruise looks like so much fun!

    1. He loved bartending! And yes, the cruise was an absolute blast!


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