Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mykonos, Greece

With most of the sightseeing and history lessons behind us, we were more than ready for a beach day, and what better place than Mykonos! Similar to Kotor, our ship anchored in the bay and we tendered to shore into Old Town.

morning view from our balcony - not a bad way to get our day started!

Old Town Mykonos

Old Town Mykonos

We took a taxi to the opposite side of the island and spent the entire day at Paraga Beach. The more famous party beaches are Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach, but we wanted something a little less crowded and touristy considering we were there during peak season. Some friends of ours suggested the nearby Paraga Beach, and it was just what we were looking for.

local beer for breakfast

Even though we're from Florida (or especially because we're from Florida...), we typically don't like to take vacations solely to sit on a beach somewhere for a week, which is why our trips are usually so action-packed. But with this setup and the awesome views, it was heavenly for just a day.

Behind all the rows of chairs on the beach was a restaurant/bar that had waiters walking around to serve you. So convenient! And somewhat dangerous. We ordered a handful of appetizers throughout the day and these were our favorites:

best calamari we've ever had

octopus. incredible.

can't go to Greece without getting ouzo

Paraga Beach had a little bit of a party atmosphere - the restaurant played music all day and turned into somewhat of a dance club just before we left. We would love to go back for a couple days to explore the rest of the island and visit a few other Greek islands as well.

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