Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bo and I have plenty to be thankful for this year, but most of all would be our friends and family. As in years past, we celebrated Thanksgiving twice. First, we hosted our annual "Friendsgiving" the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We had the usual crew of 22 for the evening, including Tillman, our first baby attendee. I had just ran a half marathon that morning and flew back just in time for a huge meal at home - everyone said I was crazy (perhaps...) but I thought it worked out just perfectly for me! I told him we could skip Friendsgiving this year since I wasn't there to help setup, and you'd think I suggested we jump off a cliff. I baked my pumpkin pie ahead of time and Bo took care of everything for the day. It's one of his favorite events so he insisted. I didn't argue! :) 

A few days later, we drove up to Blowing Rock to spend the rest of the week with Bo's family. We skipped out on all the hiking this year since I still wasn't feeling very well, but we had a very relaxing time catching up on sleep and watching movies and football.


On the day we left, we stopped by Appalachian Evergreen to pick out our Christmas tree. I just love this tree farm! I probably say this every year, but this one is my favorite tree yet. More pictures to come, eventually...

Molly was a great helper

our tree - 9.5 feet tall!

we don't cut it down ourselves - we yell "chainsaw!!" and they do it for us :)

our most massive tree yet

all tied up and ready to head home to Atlanta!

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  1. Haha..CHAINSAWWW!!! Of course I love any post with my Molly!

    1. Molly and Bailey need a playdate!! If only we didn't live so far away :(

  2. Blowing Rock looks like a beautiful, relaxing place. Makes me want to go on vacation :)

    1. We love it up there! Like you said, very beautiful and relaxing :)


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