Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reunion Tailgate - UF vs Mizzou

This year, our annual Chi Omega tailgate was for the UF football game against Missouri. In years past, we usually picked the biggest home game - typically against LSU, Alabama, or Tennessee. The past two years' losses against Bama and LSU were rather devastating (not to mention, expensive tickets!). So immediately after our Bama reunion last year, we decided to pick a less popular game to attend, and one that our Gators would surely win. Katrina is recently engaged to a Mizzou Tiger, so we figured it would be a perfect weekend for everyone to get together and welcome those Tigers to the Gainesville.

We usually have a huge crowd, but we made it a much smaller to-do this year. Several cancellations (boo...you know who you are!) and a noon game didn't make for the best tailgating conditions, but we had such a great time anyway. Plus, we had a new addition to our crew with this little tailgator :)

Kelly & Dustin's daughter, Kyla - isn't she the cutest!

Bo and I were really excited for this game. Since we also went to the Texas A&M game earlier in the stadium, we got to see the Gators play both of our new SEC opponents this year.

Yet another stressful game, and we somehow barely pulled off the win. 8-1, Go Gators!

The nice thing about a noon game is that the bars are pretty empty until after dinner time. We all met up at Gator City and stayed for the entire night. I keep forgetting I'm not in college anymore ;)

boozin with Susan!

our Tiger / Gator table


Even my brother made it out to see us! It's amazing how he only seems to turn up when free beer is involved ;)

Obviously, Mike is not yet officially part of the family as he still smiles and looks normal in pictures.

crazy clowns

Now the big question is...which game should we choose for our reunion next year?! Miss you girls already!


  1. How fun! I like the boozin with Susan. Ha!

    1. I LOVE boozin with Susan!! Some of my greatest college memories :)

  2. Had lots of fun and love the pics of Kyla!!

    1. Yes me too! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

  3. So cool that you have reunions to see your friends at games :)

    1. Always my favorite weekend of the season :)


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