Monday, April 29, 2013

Dubai {day 3}

Weekends in Dubai are Friday and Saturday, though their Friday (our Saturday) is actually more like our Sunday (confused yet?). Friday is the Muslim day of prayer, so most places are generally closed, brunch is very popular, and it's a pretty low-key day. Which at this point in our trip was exactly what we needed. Amy knows what huge foodies Bo and I are, so when originally planning our trip she strongly suggested that we be in Dubai on a Friday - specifically for the all you can eat and drink brunch at Traiteur. Their brunch goes from 12:30 - 4pm, so it was well worth the price since we ate enough for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with unlimited alcohol to boot. It was literally our only meal of the day and it was absolutely fantastic.

The restaurant is right on the Dubai Creek, and overlooks a gorgeous marina with a terrific view of the downtown Dubai skyline. Being at the marina reminded us of our hometown back in Florida. So pretty!

After brunch, we went a little further up the Dubai Creek and walked around the shipping docks. Supposedly, because of the economic restrictions on Iran, people can buy western goods in Dubai and then send them to Iran which is just a short boat ride away. Pretty crazy and we couldn't believe how much stuff there was - on a weekend afternoon!

Then we headed over to McGettigans to meet up with some of Amy & John's friends. Live music, good beer, and lots more talking :) We loved hearing their stories about how they ended up in Dubai and what their experience has been like.

love seeing Coke cans in other languages!

Tired and full after a long day of eating and drinking, we actually went home early that night. Had to rest up for the last day of our trip, which was action-packed. Thank you, Amy & John for yet another amazing day in Dubai!


  1. Those crepes and cocktails looked so good!

    1. Everything was soo delicious. I wish there was a place like it here in Atlanta!

  2. I've been to Dubai a few times and it is really an exciting city to visit - thanks for sharing your pics, you make me miss it! It is really one of those places where you can get and eat whatever you want!

    1. That's awesome you've been able to go so many times! We really loved it - definitely (happily) surprised at all the food variety.


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