Wednesday, April 17, 2013


We had originally scheduled another day trip outside of Paris to visit the champagne caves in Reims. This day-trip also did not go at all as planned, though it was much better than our trip to Versailles. We had slept in too late, and by the time we got to the train station, we had just missed a train going to Reims and the next one going out wouldn't get us there until 2pm. And the last train back was at 7pm, which didn't leave us much time there. We were still considering going until we went to buy tickets and they were a lot more expensive than we were planning. With such limited time and a much larger expense, we decided not to force the day like we had done going to Versailles. So instead we went through the list of destinations, and decided to go to the small town of Meaux for a fraction of the price.
Marne River

We googled a few things to do and places to go during the train ride. But wouldn't you know, everything was closed! It was some kind of local holiday or something. And even the Meaux Cathedral was closed for renovations.

So, we walked around for a while until we found an open bakery. We had our first (of many) macaroons, an eclair, and Bo had an espresso.

Meaux is a pretty small town, so even if anything had been open, we easily could have seen it all in one day.  But considering we didn't do anything at all here, I can't really give any kind of opinion on it :)

Town Hall

There were only a handful of options for lunch. We ended up going to Le Pouchkine: a Belgian restaurant that played reggae music, in a small French town. We figured it would be interesting. It was, and we loved it.

beer, meat, and cheese - a majority of our diet :)

And with that, we were done with Meaux. I think it was a two hour trek altogether, including the train ride there and back. It was a very random afternoon but glad we made the most of it. And even more glad that it didn't end in a disaster ;)  

Meaux train station

That evening was our last night in Paris. Our hotel concierge recommended A La Marguerite for dinner and it was fantastic!

Appetizers: Tuna & Scallops
Main Courses: Steak au Poivre (me) & Duck (Bo)
Dessert: Chocolate cake and ice cream (me) & Rum Baba (Bo)

Champagne! And they brought out a bottle of rum to go with Bo's dessert. Which they kindly left for us to "taste" :) 
This made him a very happy husband!



  1. Seriously, you guys go on the best vacations!! Coming to Australia any time soon??? So sad I missed you in Atlanta :(

    1. Absolutely, it's on our list!! We just need more time and $$ ;)

  2. I love seeing your food photos! They always make me hungry :) that macaroon looked pretty good!

    1. I thought chocolate or strawberry would have been my favorite but the pistachio one was the best!! All flavors were really good though :)


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