Thursday, July 17, 2014

Puppy Parties

Over the past few months, we've had quite a few celebrations for our pups. They are exactly two years and two weeks apart, and since we got them when they were both at exactly the same age of 10 weeks old, their birthdays and "gotcha days" become a bit of a blur. We were out of town for a few of these days this year, but did our best to make it up to them when we were here :)

Every year on Molly's birthday, I've made her a dog cake using Kristin's recipe. It seemed a bit excessive to make two separate cakes for both Molly and Abby in such a short time frame...especially given Molly's historical weight issues. So I just made one cake for them to share this year. And since Molly has been doing well with her weight lately, I frosted it with peanut butter instead of cottage cheese and decorated it with dog treats instead of vegetables. I have to say, it was SO much better looking - and I would imagine better tasting as well. And it kept pretty well for an entire week since they only got one small slice each night with dinner.

Molly knew exactly what it was and that it was for her. Well, maybe not..she thinks all food is for her. Regardless, she was very excited and never left the kitchen until cake time.

Abby, meanwhile, was clueless.

She quickly figured it out :)  No crumbs left behind!

For their "gotcha" days - which we call "present" days - we took them to the dog park. We had several weekends in a row with gorgeous weather so it became somewhat of a regular thing which was good for all of us. The dogs are usually wiped out after an hour and will sleep for days afterward. Tired puppies are happy puppies... makes for very happy puppy parents!



And just for fun, comparison shots to the day we brought each of them home. They were such little puppies!!

We love these girls so much!

Molly Present Day 2012
Molly Present Day 2013
Abby Present Day 2013

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  1. Happy Puppy day to your little ones! That cake actually looked pretty tasty :)


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