Thursday, September 22, 2011

Anniversary Dinner: 2 years, 2 months

For our September anniversary dinner, we celebrated a few days early, since I was going to be in London on the 11th (in case you missed it, check out the posts on my trip here and here). I am starting to realize that even though we are celebrating the 11th of each month, we rarely actually celebrate on that date. In year three of marriage, we are 0 for 2 so far. Better luck next month.

We had our dinner the night before I left for London. We had kabobs and rice pilaf - nothing too special, but we hadn't made kabobs in probably two years. Plus, we got to use a piece of our China that we'd never used before.

My favorite part of our meal was dessert (shocking, I know). I made a carrot cake - Bo's favorite and also our wedding cake flavor. I meant to make this for our 2 year anniversary, but better late than never.

We also enjoyed the first bottle of Chandon from our club membership! We had the Cremant, which went really well with the cake and cream cheese icing.

We ended up getting two months' worth of shipments at once, so we have quite a collection of Chandon to hold us over for upcoming celebrations :)

It was another delicious meal at home and a great way to relax right before my trip.

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