Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Weapon

We love our home.

a la blizzard 2011

It's an older house with all kinds of character and charm (as in, quirks and faults). We mostly don't mind though, since it's a pretty cheap rental home with plenty of space for us. Plus, our landlord lives down the street so it's usually pretty quick (and always free!) for us to have anything fixed.

However. This past summer, I learned there is one thing I absolutely can NOT stand about this house, which was inevitable during this past summer of ungodly heat and humidity in Atlanta we just endured: cockroaches.

I have an abnormal fear of cockroaches, and, well, pretty much all other bugs and insects too. I run around and scream bloody murder at the mere sight of one, which Bo finds to be hilarious entertainment. So he will usually laugh at me, make fun of me, tell me to chill out... and basically wait as long as possible before killing and disposing of said cockroaches. My hero.

One thing we have always disagreed on is the proper way to kill and dispose of cockroaches. Bo prefers to squash them with a paper towel and throw them away. I cannot bring myself to do this because then I would feel the roach crunching in my hand. Gross. Plus, then there are leftover cockroach guts to clean up.  I, on the other hand, prefer to slam them with an old shoe - quick and dirty. Of course, this only works if the roach is within reach and I have a handy shoe and can get to it before it crawls away. These tend to be Bo's shoes and then he gets mad at me for leaving roach guts on his shoes. My other method is to find the nearest can of Raid and spray the roach until it dies. Either way, my main problem is having to pick it up and make it all the way to the toilet and flush them away. (I don't like putting them in the trash, because - here is where the abnormal fear kicks in - I have this feeling that I didn't kill it all the way and it will escape the trash and torture me all over again.) We've always had those bait traps in every corner of every room in the house, so it wasn't really that big of an issue for the first 8 months of living here.

Enter Molly.

blurry but cute :)

I didn't want her accidentally eating the roach bait, so I got rid of the roach traps. Combined with the terrible heat, this of course resulted in more frequent roach sightings in our house over the summer. I have given up on method #2 since spraying a ton of chemicals around a puppy is definitely not the best idea. Bo was thrilled, since he despised this method anyway. So I have devised a third method, which is by far the best method of all -- my new weapon of choice is my handheld Dyson vacuum.

the lean, mean, Dyson machine

It sucks up the roach immediately so I don't have to deal with crunching. It has an enclosed area so I know the roach won't come back to find me. I can dump the whole thing out and never have to see those suckers again. (Though, having to clean it out the other night after a summer full of cockroaches was almost equally terrifying.) I no longer run around or scream like a little girl when I see one,  because I know I can conquer it with my Dyson. Problem solved.

Granted, it would be much better if cockroaches just didn't exist in the first place. But at least now we have finally compromised on a proper roach killing method, and we can live in peace and harmony. Life is good.


  1. When I read the part "Enter Molly", I thought either she scared the roaches to death or ate them! So glad I was wrong about both.

    PS I prefer the old shoe and flush method also.


  2. I HATE roaches, too! Cannot deal at all. Does Bo do the disposal? Pretty sure the mass roach grave would certainly freak me out!

    I am with your mom and you both with the old shoe and flush method. The only thing different about my experiences is that I generally "miss" or "whiff" a few times because I am so scared/disgusted and I am usually running away before I even make contact! ;)

    In any case, glad you figured out a household method that works!

  3. I also do the shoe method! We were having issues w/our new house with them as well. YUCK!! We've starting having our house sprayed every 2 months. He said as along as Bailey didn't lay against the baseboards we would be good. They are SO nasty. This is probably a stupid question/comment..but I'm really surprised the vacuum even kills them. Those little suckers are tricky.


  4. Brilliant! I bet it works on spiders too!


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