Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

For once, we finally spent a weekend with very few plans and did a whole lot of nothing. With the holiday on Monday and getting out of work early on Friday, it was a really long weekend of nothing-ness. It was fantastic.

Friday night, we did venture out and tried a new sushi restaurant, Gekko. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. It had been on our list of restaurants to go to for quite a while, so I'm glad we finally tried it. But I don't think we'll be going back. Simply because Harry & Sons is hands-down our absolute favorite sushi in Atlanta. I took my parents there when they were in town a few weekends ago, and they loved it too. It's pretty cheap (for sushi), they have a great selection (including thai food for non-sushi eaters), and best of all it's just a few blocks away so we can walk there. Several times we've gotten deals through ScoutMob as well. They also do take-out, so I'd say we eat there at least once every other week. Every now and then we try a new place, just because we love sushi and there are quite a few options close by. But very few other restaurants come close to Harry & Sons (in our opinion), so we usually just stick to our tried-and-true favorite.

Saturday was FINALLY game day, and the real start to college football!! I'm pretty sure Bo's had a countdown going since our last game on January 1. In celebration, we opened the day with a few of Bo's bloody mary's with our friends Andrew & Melissa. We watched the first few games at their place, and they have a smoker so we feasted on smoked turkey, chicken wings, and a pork butt. (Side note: they didn't have room for the smoker at their old place so they used to keep it in our back yard, until they moved last month and took it back. I have missed the smoker! Good thing they live just a few minutes away.)

Right before the Gator game we came back to our place, since the game was on ESPN-U, and apparently not everyone else orders the Comcast sports package so that they can watch every single football game ever televised. Nope, just us. Anyway. I made a few appetizers and a dessert, and we continued the meat feast. Since we didn't do too much, I only have pictures of some of the food from this weekend - go figure.

Smoked salmon cucumber slices. First time making these and they were a hit! I will definitely be making them again.

Homemade garlic hummus - an old favorite.

The guacamole dip Kelly made when we visited her in Palm City, and the recipe is here. Delicious!

S'mores Pie - definitely making this again! Easy and yummy!  Kristin posted about it and the recipe we both used is here.

The Gators won 41-3 and it was a pretty awesome start to the season. We are excited about the team and Coach Muschamp and football season! Our favorite time of the year.

Bo had his fantasy football draft on Sunday, but otherwise we didn't even leave the house Sunday or Monday. Tropical Storm Lee came through and dumped a ton of rain on us, so we spent most of the time reading, watching movies, napping, and playing with Molly.

It was a much needed weekend of rest, since Bo has been in Pittsburg all week for work, and in two days I am leaving for London!! It's a work trip, but I'll be there for 8 days and staying through next weekend so I can have some time to explore. I've never been to London and I can't wait.  As a super-mega-incredible bonus, I just found out on Sunday that one of my favorite friends is going to come with me next weekend! Stay tuned... :)


  1. Smoked salmon cucumber slices look yummy!!


  2. Food looks great Lisa :) And you will LOVE London...Dustin and I had such a great time there when we went two years ago. The city is so clean and just inviting...everyone was so friendly! You should definitely look up the gator club over there...that is where we watched the awful 'bama/UF SEC game two years ago...the game was bad but the gator club was pretty good!

    Also, I have a good guac recipe is from All Pretty much the same as the one you linked to above except I use tomatos (which it looks like you did too). I love tomatos in my guac!

  3. That pie looks amazing. I'll have to go check it out - my kids would love it.


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