Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Orleans - Day 2

I posted about our first day in New Orleans here in case you missed it.

On Thursday we decided to take the trolley all over town, since we had walked everywhere the day before. From our location it was a great way to see other parts of the city. And for just $3 each, we got an all day pass so we could hop on and off the trolley everywhere we went. It was the best and cheapest transportation ever. We rode all over the place that day. My favorite was the Garden District - the homes were just gorgeous.

We tried going to lunch at Domilice's - a restaurant Bo had discovered during an episode of Food Wars. Of course this was the one place we did not call before going, and they just happened to be closed on Thursdays and Sundays. So we decided to go back the next day, and went to Superior Grill for a quick lunch since we were starving. My co-worker Lauren suggested this place only for its Margarita's - supposedly the best in New Orleans and they were really good. The food was okay, nothing picture worthy besides the enormous Margarita!

We trolley'ed around some more that afternoon and made our way back to the French Quarter. We stopped in a few more bars on Bourbon Street that afternoon. We couldn't leave without having at least one hand grenade! I also had to pick up some Gator flair along the way :)  We saw a ton of Gator fans which was a lot of fun.

That evening was our favorite part of the whole trip. While doing his research for our trip (i.e. watching numerous shows on the Travel Channel and Food Network), Bo discovered the restaurant Commander's Palace and we just HAD to go. After a nap and a change of clothes, we hopped back on the trolley and headed to dinner. It was packed the night we went so we were really glad he had made reservations. The best part was walking in and saying "Commander, party of two" - they just looked at us with a blank stare and said "Is that really your last name?!" and then they treated us like we owned the place the whole night, even though there is no relation that we know of. (You'd be surprised how many people ask us this question...even when they are looking at our ID's or credit cards. Seriously?!) Anyway - we ate it right up and it was awesome.

Soon after we sat down they gave us complimentary rum shooters - great start to the evening!

The appetizer choices were all pretty creative. We got the buffalo shrimp stuffed with tasso, which was really tasty and had quite a kick to it.

Next came the soups. I got the soup trio - turtle soup, gumbo, and a pumpkin bisque. Neither of us had even heard of turtle soup, and Bo was really anxious to try it so he just got one big bowl of it. They were all great and the turtle soup ended up being our favorite. Too bad I have no idea where to get some turtle meat or I'd try making it myself.

We were blown away by the main course. Bo had veal and I had duck - they were both incredible.

We didn't think we could eat anything else, but of course they tempted us with the dessert menu. So we, of course, gave in and ordered the apple pie ice cream. We are such suckers for desserts. Especially ice cream.

At the end of the night, we got all kinds of souvenirs. I'm telling you, these people loved us. The chef signed the dinner menu for us (we got one in English and another in Spanish - why? I have no idea) and we also got a copy of the dessert menu. We had ordered a bottle of the Commander's Palace Cabernet, and got to keep the (empty) wine bottle - Bo is planning to steam off the label and then I will do something crafty with all of our goodies...TBD.

Dinner Menu (front)

Dinner Menu (back)

Dessert Menu (cover)

wine bottle label

It was such a wonderful night!

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  1. SO awesome that you found a restaurant named Commander's Palace...and even more awesome that you got to keep all those goodies :) Looks like you had an amazing trip!!


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