Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Orleans - Day 3

Our trip continues... I posted about Day 1 here and Day 2 here.

After walking around the city on the first day and trolleying around the second day, we picked up our sweet rental car on Friday morning so we could drive around for the day.


After a failed attempt the day before, we headed back to Domilise's for an early lunch (second time's a charm).

The line was out the door when we got there. We figured that had to be a good sign. It was a really small, old restaurant that is still cash-only and they make your po' boy right in front of you. Mine was loaded with shrimp and so delicious.

They also served beer in a frosted glass (Bo) and Coke in a bottle (me)! I truly believe Coke tastes better from the bottle.

We debated what to do that afternoon since we had pretty much done everything we wanted to do in New Orleans during the first two days. Bo came up with the great idea to check out the Abita brewery. We love going to breweries and we love Abita beers - sounds like a good plan to me!  A quick check on the iPhone and we found out they are open Friday afternoons for a few hours to give tours and open the tasting room. So off we went.

 The tasting room was really fun - they let you pour your own beer! We all lined up on one side of the bar, and they had a one-way line, so you could keep refilling and trying as many beers as you wanted. And the best part of all...the entire thing was completely free.

waiting for the line to open up

the photo-bomber was our tour guide - he harassed us quite a bit for being gators :)

pour your own free beer = best bar ever

It was probably the quickest brewery tour we've ever been on - less than 10 minutes.

We had to wear these funny booty things over our sandals because we never wear close-toed shoes. They wouldn't have let us in without them on so we sucked it up.

Afterward, we went back to the bars one last time. We met up with Bo's cousin Bryan and a bunch of his friends, and we ran into our friend Jon there too. There were a lot of Gator fans out! Either we were talking too much or my camera must have died because I only have a few pictures from that night.

me & Jon

And because I don't have a picture of the sign, I have no idea where we ate dinner that night. Which is a real shame since it was a fantastic meal. We just walked around until we found this really cute place with a patio and an amazing menu and wine list.

Post Edit: I took up Kim's suggestion (below) to check my credit card statement (that I had previously been purposely avoiding - eeek!) and discovered we went to Orleans Grapevine, and then I found a picture of the sign on google images. Bo and I looked over the menu and it all came back to us... baked brie, caesar salads, rack of lamb (Bo), and the rabbit ravioli special (me). Deliciousness.

After dinner we called it an early night since we knew Saturday was going to be a very long day in Baton Rouge for the FL/LSU game (up next!).


  1. That brewery looks amazing! Did you check your credit/debit card account for the name of the restaurant?


  2. Awww, this looks like it was a great trip. What a good idea to go a few days early and actually get to see the city and all it has to offer! You guys are really organized travelers compared to us, lol. And ps. how do you manage to get so many upgrades?!?! I need to know your secret :)


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