Friday, November 18, 2011

Another Foodie Weekend

Last weekend was probably one of the most relaxing weekends we've had in a while. And most likely the last one we'll have this year as we head into the holiday season.

Bo was out of town all last week for work, and since Friday was the 11th we had a nice dual anniversary-and-welcome-home celebration meal. I made a lasagna - nothing special but always a delicious home-cooked meal, which he really needed after a full week of eating out. And for dessert I made a key lime pie at Bo's request. I know, not your typical dessert for fall in Atlanta. But the rule in our house is that when you're gone all week you get to pick whatever you want when you get back. So, key lime pie it was. And it was pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. Recipe here. So good that we wouldn't even tweak the recipe next time.  We usually have a bottle of Chandon on our anniversary each month, but we were still working through the bottle of wine when we decided to call it a night. So we decided to wait until the next morning, and yes, we had key lime pie and champagne for breakfast. It was pretty wonderful. Though I wouldn't recommend it any other day of the week besides Saturday :)

The only time we left the house all weekend was to go watch the Gator game, which I used as an excuse to try out two appetizer recipes I found on pinterest. They were both pretty quick and easy to make, so I'll be keeping these two in my recipe book.

The first was Potato Rounds (recipe here) and I would give this 4 out of 5 stars. It was a hit with everyone and made for good finger food. I didn't use green onions because that would have required leaving the house and putting on real clothes to go to the grocery store.

The other recipe was a Beer Cheese Dip (recipe here), which I would give 3 stars. It was good but not spectacular and I'm not anticipating any future requests for it. I made the full recipe which is really more for 10-15 people....not the 4 of us who attempted to make a dent in it. Next time we may try adding some hot sauce or something to give it a little bit more of a kick.

We spent the rest of the weekend in our pajamas eating leftovers and reading. I'm glad I had a full weekend to read the rest of the Hunger Games series because I could not put it down. And because I'm not sure how much reading and/or relaxing I'm going to get done with all the festivities coming up over the next 6 weeks!

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