Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Party

A few weekends ago, we celebrated the Gator football bye weekend with a pumpkin carving party (BYO pumpkin style). Every year we have a few friends come over and every year we have more people join in on the fun. We had so many pumpkins this year that we had to carve in shifts. These are about half of the pumpkins...people came and went throughout the day so I couldn't ever get a shot of all of them together.

We had a separate station for scooping out the insides - seriously, pumpkins are so disgusting.

Then we headed over to the carving station. We used a variety of stencils from the kits, online pictures, and freehand style.

This is what mine was supposed to look like

...but I got lazy halfway through and this is how it actually turned out.

Bo's jackalope pumpkin

a few of the finished pumpkins

After the carving was finished, we roasted pumpkin seeds - this has become one of my favorite new traditions.

Here are our pumpkins all lit up at night - Happy Halloween!


  1. Hey Lisa! Yay! I'm so glad you have a blog. I love reading friends blogs - its like Facebook stalking, but one better! I have a pathetic one that never gets updated these days - www.thecojochronicles.blogspot.com. :) I'll add you to my reading list. Awesome pumpkins!

  2. This it too funny because I was just talking about your 2008 pumpkin carving party YESTERDAY with some people at work. They were asking me what people carve in pumpkins and I was so excited to get on facebook and show them our pictures. Sadly, that was the last pumpkin I carved. I told Max that WE are going to have a pumpkin carving party next year. These people won’t know what hit them, lol!

  3. These are much more creative than the triangle eyed pumpkins you carved as a little girl. I'm so impressed.

  4. Gorgeous Jack-o-Lanterns!!!


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