Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Surprise

As much as I love carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating (back in the day), I am generally not a big fan of Halloween. I never liked coming up with ideas for costumes, especially when I went to college and realized that most girls used this holiday as an excuse to dress like skanks. No thank you. I prefer modest/funny costumes, so the past few years when our friends threw Halloween parties, Bo and I went to the costume store and got ridiculous looking children's costumes. They are about half the cost of an adult-sized costume, and if we're going for funny, it's even funnier when the costume doesn't really fit well. Plus, these kind of costumes don't make me look like a skank and they help me stay warm, since it gets pretty chilly here around Halloween time. Here are a few examples from our Halloween past...

A penguin and a banana (2009)

Ninjas (2010)

We usually miss the actual day and weekend of Halloween because we go down to Jacksonville for the FL/GA football game, so our friends would throw a party the weekend before. A few of the guys lived in what we called the "frat house" because, well, it looked and smelled like a frat house, and at any given time there were at least 4 or 5 guys living there. They have (somewhat) matured and moved into more respectable living arrangements, which meant the annual Halloween party was not going to take place anymore. I was actually really excited about this, because it meant I didn't have to 1) come up with an idea for a ridiculous costume, or 2) spend any money on a ridiculous costume.

That is, until this lovely package arrived in the mail a few weeks ago:

A little background... I've posted before about my dear friend Amy, who is living in Dubai right now. When we saw her back in August, she brought us all these amazing gifts from the desert, including authentic head scarves for the guys.

They were such a hit! I knew right then and there that it would make an awesome Halloween costume. Amy is incredibly amazing and sent us a package with the rest of his outfit (called a "dishdasha") AND a pretty outfit for me to wear (called an "abaya") with a matching head wrap (called a "hijhab")!!

We may not have had a party to go to, and we may have only gotten 4 trick-or-treaters...

leftover Halloween candy....WAY too much

...but these are by far my favorite Halloween costumes EVER. I can pretty much guarantee that we will be wearing these every year from now on. Thank you Amy!!!

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  1. Only four trick or treaters? Oh well. More candy for you!


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