Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Eve Visitors

After our week-long vacation in Florida, we drove back up to Atlanta. Before we even got home, we picked up my friend Susan from the Atlanta airport along the way. Pretty good timing! After a quick unpacking of the car/suitcases and a load of laundry, we transitioned from being the guests to being the hosts. We don't waste any time around here. Susan was one of my running buddies back in college so we love to get some exercise while catching up - we headed straight to Piedmont Park for a walk. It was a gorgeous day!

We had another friend, Adrienne (also from college), fly in later that day so we all caught up over dinner at my place. Somehow Susan and I rallied our way over to the Highlands bars afterward...

The next morning we met Ginny and Adrienne back at Piedmont Park for another nice long walk before our girly day. We all had lunch at Tin Lizzy's with Sarah (not sure I will be going there anymore if I have to pay full price when she is gone!), got manicures/pedicures/massages, and then did some shopping. Ginny made dinner for all of us at her condo before heading out to the Buckhead bars...

Lenox Mall...heaven on earth

love you two!

ran into my freshman year random roommate, Karen! blurry phone pic..sad

The next day was New Years Eve, so we slept in and didn't do much so that we could be well rested for the night. And since we aren't ever here on Christmas, I keep all our decorations up so that we can get a nice picture of us on New Years Eve.

Susan even got artsy and had us pose under the mistletoe :)

We rang in the new year at Park Tavern for the third year in a row with our group of guy friends, which was a lot of fun. I will admit that Bo and I have not had much luck with our past new years eve experiences, so we were determined to make it a good one this time. And it was!

Bo loves pictures..

..really, really loves pictures.

the band - Yacht Rock

almost midnight, time for champagne!

is too good to be true?! a GOOD new years?! woohoo!

a very happy new year :)

singing in the new year!

New Years Day we made collard greens and black eyed peas for good luck before sending off our visitors. Adrienne and Susan - I am so glad you girls came! It was such a blast.

Wishing everyone a Happy 2012!

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