Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anniversary Dinner: 2 years, 6 months

In the midst of my recovery week from surgery, we celebrated our monthly anniversary for two and a half years. I've missed a few of these anniversary dinner posts because I kept forgetting to take pictures of the food, and I just don't enjoy posting without pictures! Plus, when I post about the meals, I can keep track of what we've had so we can keep trying to come up with something new each month :)

This month we had lobster! I was a little freaked out about them because they were alive. As we were trying to prepare dinner, every few minutes the lobsters would spaz out in their little boxes on the kitchen counter. One guy even busted the bottom of his box. So I put them on one end of the counter, and I stayed on the other side of the kitchen to let Bo handle them all by himself, which he of course loved.

"enough with the pictures already"

I love watching them turn from muddy brown to bright red.

While the lobsters cooked we munched on an artichoke, one of our favorite appetizers.

Maine lobster served with rice pilaf. Two thumbs up for Bo's presentation skills.

Paired with our newest bottle of Chandon.

Our best monthly dinner yet! It will be a difficult one to top next month...

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  1. YUM! I love lobster! Here on the great plains though, I've never cooked one for myself. Paired with artichokes it looks like the perfect meal.


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