Monday, August 22, 2011

Anniversary Dinner: 2 years, 1 month

I am sure that to most people, being married for two years and one month is nothing to get too excited about. But as I've mentioned before, we look for any excuse for a celebration. A year ago, we started celebrating our monthly wedding anniversary with wine and a nice home-cooked meal, and using our fine china. We would have started this tradition sooner, but until last August we lived in a small apartment and our china was still in the original boxes it came in. When we received our wedding gifts, we knew we wouldn't be in that apartment much longer and figured there was no point in unpacking the china, have nowhere else to put it, and then just have to re-pack it again ourselves for the move. Then when we moved into our house last year, we bought a china cabinet to match the rest of our furniture. I will say, it was a lot of fun opening all our china - it was like we were seeing it for the first time all over again. And since we finally had somewhere nice to easily access our china, we started our anniversary tradition on the 11th of every month (give or take a few days when we are traveling). We usually have a lot going on and are all over the place, so we enjoy being able to sit down for a big fancy meal at home, recap on the previous month, and look forward to what's ahead in the next month.  Plus it's nice to actually use our china on a monthly basis - so many people suggested that we not even bother with registering for china because we'd never end up using it. Guess we showed them!

Last week, for our 2 year and 1 month (plus a couple of days since we were both traveling on the 11th) anniversary dinner, we had grilled parmesan-breaded scallops, with grilled tomatoes & mozzarella, and steamed broccoli.

We also finished our last bottle of Darioush Viognier ("the cab lover's white wine") that we brought back with us from Napa Valley earlier this summer. While we were there, we also signed up for a membership at Chandon, so I'm hoping our first delivery will be here before our next monthly anniversary since it's been stuck on a heat-controlled truck during the heat wave.

It was an awesome dinner and made it in our top favorite meals list. And it was a quick meal, so we will definitely be adding it to the regular weeknight dinner rotation. As we do during most meals, we spent half the time critiquing it and trying to think of ways to make it even better next time, and the rest of the time figuring out what we should make the following month. It's been a really fun tradition!

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