Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A New Pin: Boston

A few years ago, Bo's sister, Dudley, got us a map of the world as our Christmas gift. It is one of our favorite presents ever! It says "The World Travels of Bo and Lisa" - with different colored pins and a legend showing the places you've been, favorite past vacation, next destination, and dream vacation. We don't use all of them - just the red pins for places we've been, and our rule is that both of us had to have been there (not necessarily together) before we can put in the pin. Our goal is to put at least one new pin in the map every year.

Last week, Bo was in Boston for work. I went with my family a while ago, but he had never been. So when he returned, we got to put in our first pin of the year for Massachusetts, now that we've both been there. I'm pretty sure my family trip was a LOT more fun than his work trip ;)  We do plan to go back together at some point down the road.

To be honest, this was by far the least exciting pin we've ever put in, since it was for work instead of a fun vacation. Since we've had the map, we have planned at least one vacation every year so that we can have an exciting pin to put in the map - any work pins are just bonus. We've been to a lot of places so far, but there is still a lot of empty space on the map. Our "places to go" list seems to only get longer - never shorter. But we'll have two more pins by the end of this year, and maybe more (depending where Bo gets sent for work)!


  1. We got the same exact map as a wedding present! Except ours was from my Godmother and she still thinks my husband's name is ours said "The world travels of Kelly and Justin". Luckily, Kyle's friend Mike makes trophies/plaques for a living so he replace it for us with a new one haha.

    And ya, we only pin places that we have been together...but we don't pin places that both of us have been but separately. We also use the flag for our favorite destination. And ya, the places to go pins are kinda silly...I have some on there but our list of places to go is way too long and there just aren't enough pins.

  2. Kelly - that is hilarious! I'm sure Dustin loved that. The pin rule was a big debate for us, because Bo wanted to put pins everywhere that either of us had been to (since he's been to more countries than I have, and I've been to more states than he has) - but I thought that was ridiculous, and like you, only wanted to put pins in places we had been together. So we compromised to put pins in places we had both been, even if it was separately.

  3. This is on my to-do to put together, as I bought a map earlier this year and never had it framed, nor have figured out just where to put it yet :) Yours looks great!

  4. HAHAH, Kelly's comment is awesome.



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