Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weekend in Gainesville

I spent last weekend in Gainesville, FL with friends from college. Alisha, her husband Tristan, and their son Mason live in San Diego, and they were in Gainesville for a while to visit her family. So those of us within driving distance went to see them! I came down from Atlanta and everyone else came from Jupiter, FL. Gainesville is about the same distance for all of us so it worked out pretty well. We spent all day Saturday at Alisha's parent's house, lounging by the pool and catching up over beers and margaritas. The weather was perfect and the company was even better. I really enjoyed hanging out with these lovely ladies:

Me, Alisha, Mason, Tara, Kelly and Brittany

And of course this handsome little guy:

Later that night we had dinner at Harry's and spent most of the evening at Rocky's (the old Alligator Rocks, for those of you who have been there) - it was a blast.

The whole gang at dinner

Lou and Dustin entertained themselves by using the song request sheets to "grade" girls as they walked in the door!
We saw a bachelorette party and even a proposal - though why on earth anyone would choose this location for either event was beyond us.  The guys helped her out with a few things on her list and we all got a good laugh out of it. 

Kelly did a much better job of taking pictures than I did (and she has an awesome camera!) - check out her post for more pics from the weekend: Gainesville Weekend :)

These girls are just a few years older than me, and their group of friends were like the big sisters I never had. I always have such a great time with them! We were all Chi Omegas at UF - Kelly was my sorority grand-big sister, and Tara was my Aunt, but Alisha and I barely knew each other. We kept in touch by going to several weddings, bachelorette parties, and UF football games and through group update emails. When she moved to San Diego and requested visitors, Bo and I immediately booked a trip to go. I'm so glad we did - we had a great time, lived to tell the story of our adventure in Mexico (not recommended!), and we really got to know her and Tristan that week. We love these two!

At our rehearsal dinner in 2009. This is the closest we've ever gotten to all four of us smiling :)

Sunday morning I met up with Kristin (another Chi O) and we took Molly and her dog, Bailey to the dog park. Kristin lives in Gainesville and it was so nice to hang out with her doing something non-football-or- tailgating-related for once. :)  It was Molly's first time at a dog park and I think it's fair to say she loved every second of it.

Check out her wingspan! Oh, those ears.

Bailey is a professional ball retriever and he did a good job of tolerating Molly's constant need to play. Molly was a professional mess-maker, and did a decent job of staying out of the path between Bailey and any ball.

It was a lot of fun, and she barely moved on the car ride home - she was wiped out. We will definitely be taking her to the dog park near home in Atlanta... whenever we are actually in town and have time to go, that is.

Sadly Bo couldn't join this weekend. He stayed in Atlanta for the 311/Sublime concert Saturday night (hello, high school) and to re-pay several of our friends by helping them move over the weekend. When we moved last year, his friends volunteered to help us before they realized just how much crap we have. It was long, hot and painful to say the least. And now we owe them all one move. As in, Bo owes them one move. Clearly I am not as good of a friend, since I high-tailed it to Gainesville and figured it was the perfect excuse to not have to help out. Without a doubt, I made the right decision :)


  1. Even dirty Molly is adorable. Yay for a worn out puppy!

  2. Aww, Molly is too cute and I'm so glad I got to meet her.


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