Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Piece of Italy

The other night after dinner, we walked over to Paolo's Gelato for dessert. It's been on our list of places to go for quite a while, and it did not disappoint.

Bo got kiwi and peach, which was really good but his tasted a little more like sherbert than gelato or even ice cream. I got the mint chocolate chip, and it tasted just like gelato should.

It was amazing. Although, I will admit the real thing in Italy is better. Probably because you're in Italy. I had never had gelato until we went there on our honeymoon, but I knew I would love it. We spent a day in Florence and the only thing I ate the entire day was gelato, from several different places. My favorite was stracciatella, which is similar to chocolate chip ice cream, but so much better than ice cream.

I'm so glad we finally tried Paolo's. Every time we've passed this place, I would always say "we need to go to Paolo's and get gelato" and Bo's response was always "we need to go back to Italy and get gelato". For now we'll just have to settle with Paolo's. Just a short walk away from home, it could turn out to be pretty dangerous!

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  1. I think that asking for kiwi gelato is just a recipe for disappointment. You made the smart choice for sure. :)


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