Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Growing up

While at Blue Angels weekend, Sarah and I realized that we were apparently the only girls our age who still had our belly button rings in. This came as quite a shock to some of our friends who had removed them years ago. We just weren't ready to part with ours, and quite honestly we just hadn't thought about taking them out. Sarah has had hers since she was 16, courtesy of what I'm sure was a stellar fake ID. I got mine a few weeks after starting college, in my new-found freedom from my parents.

Fast forward a decade later. We still thought it would be weird to part with them, since neither of us had taken them out since we graduated college. But we decided it was time. We had to do what every sensible 27 year old should do: we went shopping.

That's right, we got new "adult" belly button rings!

We went to Kolo in Little Five Points.

It was an interesting crowd. We didn't exactly fit in (as in, we had less than 20 piercings each so we did not fit in at all), but we found what we were looking for. Plus it was so much more grown up than going to Claire's, where I bought all my previous rings back in college.

Check 'em out!

I tried to find ours on the website since I don't really want a close-up of my naval on the internet...



I know, I know. They are practically identical. We might as well have gotten exact matches with "BFF" engraved in them. Because that would have been really grown up of us and all.


  1. I got my belly button pierced at 18. Then when I was 24 my husband said, as I was packing for our first vacation, "Aren't you a little old for a belly button ring?" I punched him (kidding), cried in a corner and took it out.

  2. I still have my ring in too - I forget it's there most of the time actually, and have never really felt that I was "too old" for it - but mine def looks more like the ones you guys "upgraded" to, so perhaps it is more classic than the chain type ones? :)

  3. Hahaha! Yes, I DID get my belly button pierced when I was 16 w/my fake ID and on Spring Break. Geez, so cliche.

    I just can't take it out - my belly is too naked w/o it. I think my cut-off will be when my one-day daughter gets hers pierced..then I would be just be creepy with it in


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