Sunday, July 17, 2011

Braves vs. Nationals

Saturday night we went to the Braves games against the Nationals with one of my former co-workers and his girlfriend. The weather did not look too promising earlier in the week so we didn't bother buying tickets in advance, in case it rained and also because we figured the stadium would be pretty empty against the Nationals. Big mistake. Apparently when the sun came out and it was finally less than 90 degrees outside, everyone else had the same idea as us. It was probably one of the most crowded games we had ever been to! After spending 30 minutes in the ticket line and realizing that all the decent seats and cheap seats were sold out, we really wished we had bought them online in advance. That is, until we found out you can get a student discount when you buy them in person. So glad we got a brand new UF ID cards just days before graduation.

It turned out to be a gorgeous night at Turner Field. Our seats were not great for watching the game, but we did have a fantastic view of the city.

The previous night's win was #10,000 for the Braves.

By the 6th inning the Braves were down 5-2, which was the final score. It was not a very exciting game until the bottom of the 8th when a man came running onto the field in a wedding dress! The cops came running out, tackled him to the ground and arrested him. It was pretty awesome.

We couldn't figure out why someone we do that, why he had a wedding dress/ where he got it from, why he decided to wear it, how he got it into the game, how no one noticed him before he got down on the field.... so many unanswered questions.


  1. People are weird, aren't they? But I love weird when it's entertaining. :)


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