Monday, July 18, 2011

Farewell, funemployment

For the past three weeks, Bo has been enjoying life as a house-husband. That will (finally) change today when he goes back to work and starts his new job. His timing worked out really well when he put in his two weeks' notice, since he had just finished up all his current client work and his manager didn't want him starting anything new. So his last two weeks of work consisted of staying at home to play with Molly and watch TV. He had already intentionally scheduled a week of "funemployment" in between jobs, which he didn't really end up needing after two previous weeks of relaxation. But he certainly enjoyed it and ensured me that retirement will be fantastic...many, many years from now.  I will definitely miss coming home to dinner being ready every night. But, as it turns out, we would prefer two paychecks instead of one. So back to work he goes! I am very proud and excited for him. Good luck, Bo!

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