Sunday, August 28, 2011

Collar vs. Harness

Before we got Molly, I picked out a really cute collar for her. It was pretty, pale pink with grey polka dots. I loved it! Bo, however, hated it - it was too girly. Turns out, Molly hated it too. She scratched at it non-stop and shredded up all the pretty-ness.

So when she started to outgrow it after the first month or so, Bo demanded I get royal blue next time (for the Gators of course). Our vet recommended the "gentle leader" but Molly hated that too and I thought it looked stupid and muzzle-ish (even though it wasn't).  So we decided to try a harness instead, which still seemed kinda silly since she is soo small.  When I first put it on her, I felt like she was giving me a look that said "You are the most un-cool dog mom ever. I can't believe you are making me wear this. I look like a tool."  

After a few hours of trying to chew her way out of the harness, Molly gave up and realized it was there to stay. She got used to it after a couple days, and has been fine with it ever since. Bo and I like it a lot better than the collar - it's much easier when I go running with her, since I can redirect her whole body when she tries to smell every single thing we pass, and I think it's more comfortable for her since it doesn't pull on her neck or pinch her enormouse beagle ears. She's had it almost two months now, and the harness is a win-win so far. But of course, once she is full-grown (and more obedient on a leash) we'll probably get her a real Gator collar so she can be a true fan next football season.


  1. Aww, she is too cute! Bailey uses a regular collar and depending on the situation I use his gentle leader.

    Happy Monday!!

  2. After my mom's last neck got permanent trachea damage from a collar, she got a harness for her current Yorkie. I think it works great - it even makes it easier to pick her up.


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