Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Weekend

We had another low-key weekend here in Atlanta. Five in a row, to be exact - which is probably some kind of record for us. But that will end this weekend when our crazy 2012 schedule kicks off!

Until then we have just been taking it easy, mostly thanks to my bum foot. It's been four weeks since my surgery, and my foot is healing pretty well. I've started some limited exercise - so far mostly on our stationary bike or short walks with Bo and Molly.

This past Saturday morning, Kim and I went for a 3 mile walk at Chastain Park, which was the longest I've gone since surgery. I felt fine the whole time (likely distracted by our conversation) but my foot was in pain the next day. So I'm back on the bike for a few days.


Later that night Kim and I went to see the movie One For the Money with her roommate and another friend. I enjoyed it and since all the other girls agreed the book was better (isn't it always?), I of course added it to my ever-growing list of books to read. The scary thing is that there are about 17 books in the series, so this could become a (good) problem.

Random side note...I got a Coke before going into the theater - is this not the squattest cup you've ever seen?? And there were only mega-straws that were way too long for this cup. It was so awkward to drink from. And it was equally awkward how long it took me to take this picture and properly crop it to post on instagram (once I re-configured my account)... poor Kim had to witness my pathetic skills. I am probably the worst instagram-er ever. And the picture doesn't even capture it's full awkwardness.

After the movie we had dinner at Happy Sumo, a Japanese steakhouse. Finally - a good hibachi restaurant! I wish it was a little closer, but in my four years here in Atlanta I have yet to find a good hibachi restaurant so that was an exciting find this weekend :)

We spent Super Bowl Sunday with a bunch of our friends who live a few streets over. As much as I love Gator football, I really do not care for the NFL. Meaning, I usually have zero interest in the super bowl except for the food. I made eight-layer dip which is one of my football game staples. I really only like 2-3 of the layers, but for whatever reason when they are all mixed together and on a tortilla chip, I can't seem to stop eating it.

We also did a squares pool, $1 per square. Of course, being the accountants that we are, we set up a color-coded chart in Excel :)

I've never done one of these before but it was a lot of fun. Plus it was cheap entertainment - a great way to keep me interested in a game that I otherwise did not care about. Although, it was kinda weird to cheer for both teams at different times during the game, and to cheer for weird plays like a safety, or a touchdown but only if they miss the extra point or get the two-point conversion. We didn't win any money but we had a great time! If only the Monday after the Super Bowl was a holiday...

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  1. I have a new book for you...Divergent. It is a Young Adult book and is the first in a trilogy (the second one comes out in May)...reminded me A LOT of the Hunger Games. It is very addicting. You will finish it in a day :) Happy Reading!

    Oh and I read One for the Money too. Cute book, but I never read any more sequels to it, I always planned too but never got around to it.


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