Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter Beer Carnival

Last weekend my sister Leslie, her boyfriend Mike, and her friend Liz, came to visit us in Atlanta. They got in town Friday evening so we headed straight to dinner with a few other friends. I know their love for barbeque so we took them to Fox Brothers, which is by far our favorite BBQ place here.

After dinner we went back to our house for a round of power hour (this video is one of our favorites to play), several games, and many beers.


Saturday we went to the Winter Beer Carnival in Atlantic Station. It's basically your typical beer fest, but with carnival games to play! Words cannot describe just how freezing cold and windy it was - not ideal for us Floridians. We've had unseasonably warm weather the past few weeks, until Friday morning when I checked the weather and heard there was an "arctic blast" coming through Atlanta - just for the weekend, of course. Our only saving grace was that there was a nice big tent at the carnival and a wall along one side of it, so we were a little less cold under there. A lot of the vendors ran out of beer (I think because we were all huddled under the main tent!) and since we were SO cold, we didn't stay the entire time. But I'd still say we got our money's worth in a few hours!


me & Shara

Tastes and smells just like liquid fruit loops....not so good, actually.

Leslie & Mike

Liz, me, and Leslie

Liz & Leslie

Afterward, we took a cab to dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Across the Street. You really only need one monster margarita there, but the guys also had jalapeno tequila shots (eek).

We spent the rest of the night back at our house playing (you guessed it!) more games! For the record, Mike was the ultimate champion of Chutes & Ladders, with his character who he named "Ping". It was a crazy night. I'll leave it at that :)

the game shelf

We had lunch at George's on Sunday before they took off. We were sad to see them go - we always have such a great time when they are here!! Thanks for a great visit!


  1. Sigh. You're making me curse my middle-aged mother of three status because your weekend looks MUCH more fun than mine.

  2. Winter beer festival?! That sounds like the best time ever! Looks like you all had a great time- can't go wrong with board games and drinks :)


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