Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dani's Bachelorette Party

Two weekends ago I spent the weekend in Charleston, SC with 10 other lovely ladies for my good friend Dani's bachelorette party!

We stayed at this amazing, enormous house on Isle of Palm. It was even featured on MTV Cribs! There was plenty of space for all of us and it was just 15-20 minutes from downtown Charleston.

Friday night we all hung out at the house since everyone arrived at different times. I was the last one in that night (boo). It was a great night to catch up with everyone, play a few drinking games, and ended up in the roof-top hot tub.

Dani, me & Leslie

Katrina & Kelly

the bachelorette!

The next morning a few of us braved the rain and headed into downtown for lunch and to browse the markets. We didn't buy much but we had a lot of fun checking out everything for sale.

Susan, me, Kelly, Katrina & Leslie

Saturday night was the big event of the weekend! We threw a shower for her at the house - a few of the bridesmaids decorated, and the place looked terrific.

Mrs. Clayton!

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton gator coozies - so cute!

After the shower we all piled into the stretch limo for a ride around town on our way to dinner! This was an awesome idea, Corie!

We had dinner at Fleet's Landing - great food, and walking distance to the bar later that night!

love my sister!

Dani & Caroline - future sister-in-laws!

Chi O!

Corie (MOH!) & Dani

After dinner we walked to Mad River and stayed there the rest of the night. It was an old church converted into a bar and we had an absolute blast!

Lisa & Lisa!


almost done with her list!


practicing her bouquet-tossing skills!

As you can tell it was a pretty fantastic weekend. I love these girls so much! Weekends like this make me really appreciate such great friends, but also makes me wish that we all lived closer to each other so we could do this more often. Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks for the wedding!!


  1. Awe it looks like you girls had a blast! (Like there was any doubt you would...) :) I'm very excited to see all of you guys at the wedding!

    Also, I am definitely loving the picture of Dani with a flying Tootsie Pop from the bouquet. So funny! The bouquet turned out awesome. Great job. :)

  2. This is Dani: I love you Lisa!!!! Thank you for being there to celebrate and for taking such awesome photos! I am so excited to have you and Bo there to celebrate with us next month!!! WOOOOO!!!!!


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