Monday, March 26, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Even though I am only 3.375% Irish and Bo is also (some unknown percent) Irish, we love to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Good food and good drinks - two of our favorite things!

We had a few green beers, and we made Irish beef stew and Irish soda bread that we ate all day long. The stew was amazing, and the bread was pretty good - especially for dipping in the stew.

We love festivals, but St. Patrick's Day "Lucky Fests" in Atlanta tend to be over-priced and over-crowded for our liking. Instead, we had grand plans of going to a friend's house party and then heading to an Irish pub just a few blocks away, but ended up staying home all night after some friends stopped by and Bo made everyone few Irish car bombs...

The BEST part is... I'll get to compare our home-made Irish day to the real thing in just a few months - I'm going to Ireland! My next work trip to London is in June, and my mom and Aunt Tina are coming with me! We decided to fly over the weekend before and stop in Ireland along the way. I am so excited! To those of you who have been before, feel free to send me your suggestions. We'll be there for 2 full days and will be flying into Dublin. Sláinte!


  1. You will LOVE Ireland (although the food is something to be desired). I could take or leave Dublin - although we did a pub/music crawl there and that was really fun and the Guiness factory is done very nicely and includes a "free" Guiness when you're done. If you can rent a car, get out of the city and into the country - the Irish countryside is spectacular!! Just remember, they drive on the other side of the road!

  2. Hooray!!!! So glad you'll be able to go and that your fabulous family will be joining! :)


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