Tuesday, March 13, 2012

She said YES!

If you somehow missed all of the announcements via email, text, facebook, tweets, and pins added to my (newly created) wedding boards on pinterest.... my younger sister Leslie is engaged!!

I am one proud big sister, and could not be more excited for them! After what felt like an eternity of keeping this secret, Mike proposed to her last Thursday night. Leslie just blogged about all the fun details of their engagement weekend, so be sure to check out the full story here. I especially enjoy my shout-outs for (most importantly) not spilling the beans, throwing her off when she became suspicious, and the surprise champagne we sent them at dinner on Friday night.

And here a few additions to her story from my point of view.... :)

Leslie and I had gone looking at engagement rings over a year ago, so I knew what she liked and didn't like. When Mike told me last summer that he was starting to think about getting a ring (!!) I told him I had plenty of information when he needed it. So when I finally got the text from him a few months ago saying that he "needed a favor" (to help with the ring) I called him the second I got off work and then sent him a few overly-informative and lengthy emails...I was so, so excited! Except, I had no one to tell and be excited with me!! I of course told Bo, but let's be honest, guys do not give the reaction you want. I was dying. So I told my co-worker, since she is recently engaged and had zero connection to Leslie or any of her friends. :)  Since no one else knew, it was actually pretty easy to keep it a secret - even when Mike was ring shopping (yes I gave him some guidance, but he picked it out entirely himself!). That is, until he started planning all of the surprises for her that weekend... then I started getting nervous that I or someone else would spill the beans. I was afraid of typing in the wrong IM box on gchat, or sending the wrong text or email - I was a little bit of a wreck. Somehow I managed to survive the entire previous weekend in Charleston with her without giving away what was about to happen. The next week was the slowest week ever, and on the night he was proposing I was like a kid on Christmas Eve..just waiting anxiously for the news. Even though I knew he was proposing that night, I had no idea where or how he was going to do it - I couldn't wait to talk to Leslie. When she finally texted me asking if I could call her because she had a "quick question" I kind of freaked out - and then she asked me to be her Matron of Honor. My turn to squeal and say YES! :)

absolutely gorgeous!!

I wanted so badly to be able to come surprise her on Friday - but flights were outrageously expensive and I didn't have enough time off work to drive down. At least I am already planning to see her once a month until July, and I have a feeling we'll have several more opportunities to celebrate over the next year! ;) 

I am so glad everything Mike had planned turned out absolutely perfect. Awesome couple, beautiful engagement...I am just so happy for them! And of course, my mom and I are beyond excited to get back into wedding planning mode :)

Leslie and Mike - congratulations again! I love you!

PS - Thank you Leslie for giving me permission to post and steal your pics! ;)


  1. I loved reading this! I was smiling the whole time because of your excitement! :) Yay!!!

  2. WOOO HOOO! So excited for Leslie and Mike and for you and your family and your new extended family! Love sure is lovely. :)


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