Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Showers

Recently our lives have been consumed with friends getting married, buying homes, and getting pregnant. It's been pretty exciting!

Last Saturday we spent all day celebrating with two couples who are both very good friends of ours. We started at Ginny and John Michael's new home. Ginny and I were Chi O's together at UF and she & JM finally moved back to Atlanta last summer. After a pretty rough year in 2011, they've really turned things this year now that they both have new (and better!) jobs, just bought a new home, and are expecting a baby this August! Lots of happiness to celebrate :) Last weekend they hosted a housewarming party, that was really about finding out whether they are having a baby boy or a baby girl!

Bo wore black...which made for some interesting conversations.

Sugar dressed up for the event. She loves her new backyard.

the "revelation" cake!

bee treats - these were delicious

counting down!

it's a BOY! Mom and Dad were right! (and so was I... I'm so good at this game)

happy grandparents :)

They had a station setup to decorate baby bibs...guess who did each one? Hint: it's rather obvious.


(Bo's... I guess this is to make Ginny feel better?)

(Ginny's sister, Aunt Katie - she also posted about the party here)

party favors! take-home flavored honey

Now it's time to start shopping so we can spoil Baby Boy Dunn!!

After their party, we made a quick pit-stop at home to feed Molly and then turned right back around to head to a couple's "stock the bar" shower for our friends, Krystina and Brian, who are getting married this summer. It was a great party, which unfortunately I did not take a single picture of. Brian was in Bo's class at UF but we didn't know him until he and I worked together at my old job, and we spent a lot of time together traveling to Myrtle Beach for work. Krystina and I also play softball together, so I actually knew her before they started dating. We had a lot of fun at their shower, catching up with old work friends and softball friends, and we are all really looking forward to their wedding. Funnily, they also just bought a new home - on the next street over from Ginny & JM. We need to introduce them soon so they can be friends and (selfishly) so that we can hang out with everyone when we make the trek up to their neck of the woods! :) Hopefully I'll make up for the lack of pictures at their wedding in July!

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