Thursday, April 5, 2012

Surprise Party

My cousin, Jimmy, and his family live in Monroe, which is about 45 minutes away from me - and last weekend I made the trek for a surprise 30th birthday party for him! I missed the actual surprise part of it since traffic was horrid. But from what I heard, Jimmy was very surprised! Mission accomplished :)

I was impressed Hannah was able to keep this a secret, especially since the party was at their house and they have two young kids. It was so nice to finally meet her (and long overdue since we live so close!).

Jimmy & Hannah

And I finally met their kids, Hayden and Chase, who are soo cute!

Hannah & Hayden

Chase (and Lilly)

We of course had to get a picture with all the cousins who were there. Jimmy's sister, Julie, and her boyfriend, Sam, live in Seattle and were in town that weekend for a wedding, so Jimmy knew they would be there. But they were the only guests he was expecting - he had no idea my Aunt Joanie and her family would be there, too. My cousins Tyler, Jenna, and Lilly were on spring break that week so it worked out perfect for them to be there. I just couldn't miss out on the fun with everyone!

me, Jimmy, Julie, Jenna, Tyler, and Lilly

Sam & Julie, Jimmy & Hannah

bummed this came out blurry - but of the 18 cousins, we are the 3 oldest!

me and the littlest ones!

Isn't this cake just awesome? Those of you who know Jimmy will know how perfect it was for him. He does landscaping, hence the beautifully landscaped 3-0 cake.

Chase was so excited for the cake!

Sam & Julie

After cake, Jimmy opened his presents...with a little help from the kids :)

best birthday card ever, from Aunt Joanie of course - that's Chase picking a winner! :)

And then we had a Wii Dance party! It was a blast.


Jenna and Hayden partied a little too hard ;)

And I took my first ever video of Jimmy dancing - so here goes my first ever blog-video (hopefully this works)...

I was so glad I could make it to the party. I especially loved seeing these family members since I missed all of them when I was home for Christmas. It was such a fun trip :)  Special thanks to Aunt Mimi, Hannah, and Julie who organized everything and threw a great party!

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  1. Lisa,
    I initially looked for this the week after the party. Leslie mentioned it earlier today at Grandma's. This was great!! THANKS!!
    I hope you had a great Easter!!1
    Aunt Mimi


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